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The Ultimate Birthday Party Checklist

10 Oct 2022

Our birthday party checklist makes party planning a breeze. Whether you’re throwing one for yourself or celebrating your child, there’s nothing like a good birthday party to gather up some friends and show your appreciation. We hardly need an excuse to throw a good party, but that’s a pretty good reason!  Follow these steps to make planning easy as pie.

Download a printable version of the For Your Party Birthday Party Checklist!

Birthday Party Checklist

One Month Before the Birthday Party

[ ] Pick a date! The first choice should be the birthday itself, but a nearby weekend works too.

[ ] Make a guest list.

[ ] Invite those guests! If you really want to go all out, we have an idea of where you can order some Letterpress invitations

[ ] Make reservations for big-ticket items—party tents, restaurants, activities, etc. 

[ ] Pick a theme, if you’d like one. That way, your guests will have plenty of time to prepare! 

Two to Three Weeks Before the Birthday Party

[ ] Assemble your food and grocery lists. The rule of thumb is that about 75% of invitees will attend, but you know your friends better than we do! If it’s a kid’s party, think about some easy to eat and low-mess snacks and entrees. If it’s an adult party, think about what cocktails or drinks the birthday person likes, and whether or not dinner is being served. 

[ ] Your favorite person’s favorite food and drinks will look great in custom plates and custom cups, hint hint. 

[ ] Plan out any fun decorations or tablescapes you might want to make.

One Week Before the Birthday Party

[ ] Time to make a playlist! Ask friends to submit their favorite songs as well to keep things interesting. 

[ ] Get a large card or something similar for guests to sign. There’s no better memento, and it can help guests express their well wishes even if they didn’t bring a gift. 

[ ] If you’re doing things outside, check the weather and come up with alternative plans if needed.

[ ] Find some birthday party games for either indoors or outdoors.

One to Two Days Before the Birthday Party

[ ] If it’s a house party, clean up! Make sure everything is nice and tidy for your guests. 

[ ] Let your neighbors know—and invite them over! This is always nice to do, but is especially important if you live in a shared building and are planning on things going late.

[ ] Get out your tables, chairs, and decorations. 

[ ] Set aside some extra bins for trash. 

Time to Party!

[ ] Prepare any remaining food. Keep cold food in the fridge until the first guests arrive; prepare hot food last and keep it in a warmed oven.

[ ] Fill coolers up with beverages and ice. 

[ ] If you’re doing gifts, set aside a spot for them. 

[ ] Set out food, cups, napkins, plates, and utensils. 

[ ] Turn on the music and have a ball! 


From For Your Party, we wish you or your loved one a happy birthday! We hope this birthday party checklist was helpful. If you are planning another life event like a graduation or wedding, we have other checklists on our blog. Scroll through our library for all of our helpful tips and tricks.

Birthday Party Checklist