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How to Create a Tablescape

29 Aug 2022

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Who doesn’t love a dinner party? If food is the star of any good dinner party, then the table is the stage. If you are wondering how to create a tablescape, you’ve come to the right place. As experts in the party space, we know a thing or two about planning an event. Building a memorable tablescape can be an expression of your aesthetic, so you can set the mood while setting the table.

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What Is a Tablescape?

At its essence, a tablescape is the arrangement of items on a table. That’s it! Sounds simple, but a good tablescape is about so much more than the sum of its parts. Because the table is what everyone gathers around, your tablescape is your main canvas for what you want to show your guests. Its theme should be a reflection of the theme of the rest of your party, if applicable. Really, it’s a way to show people you care about them by going the extra mile to make your party memorable and visually stunning. We do love details at ForYourParty, so it’s no surprise we flip for a good tablescape!

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Breaking Down the Parts 

To start, you can think of a tablescape as consisting of things needed for the meal, and extras. The essential parts are things like plates, bowls, silverware, drinkware, and napkins. Without any of those, it admittedly wouldn’t be much of a dinner. Your selection of these key elements goes a long way to establishing the style of your party. After all, plates, silverware, and drinkware all come in a variety of styles. If your dining room or party theme is more modern, for example, then modern style utensils are called for. 

If you want to take your tablescape to the next level, personalized dining ware is a must. Setting the table with custom dinner napkins and pouring cocktails into personalized cups will add that memorable touch to your tablescape that is sure to impress your guests. If you are looking for gifts, our leather coasters are a unique party favor that your family and friends can take home to spruce up their home bar cart.  

You can also get creative in the number of dishes you put out. Miniature butter knives, salad forks, soup dishes and more are all less frequently used but provide a dose of formality and will create a memorable experience for your guests.

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Decorate, Decorate, Decorate. 

Where things get really fun, however, is when it’s time to pick your decorations. Decorations can be based on the season, a holiday, a life event like a birthday or graduation, or a more general theme. For the seasons, natural elements work great. Think mini pumpkins and leaves for autumn, holly and wreaths for winter, and eye-catching flower arrangements for spring and summer. Creating a tablescape does not have to be expensive! Including items from your garden will make a visual impact without breaking the bank. For something like a life event, photos and mementos of whoever is being feted are a great touch.

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Help Us Help You

Whatever direction you take your tablescape in, your guests will appreciate the work and care that went into it. It’s a great way to make a dinner extra memorable. As always, ForYourParty is here to help. Our elegant linen dinner napkins, custom glassware, and matchboxes will add the extra details your guests will appreciate. Be sure to tag us @foryourparty with your tablescapes!

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