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Cancellation Policy 

Please complete our Cancellation Requests Form. Any requests made after 11 a.m. CT the day following that which you placed your order must be submitted via this form. Since we personalize products just for you, cancellations cannot be guaranteed once an order has been submitted—but we will certainly evaluate your request! Personalized items cannot be canceled if your order has already been sent to print or shipped.


Depending on where your order is in production, certain non-refundable fees will apply:

  • A $10 typesetting charge, as this is the first step in the process of personalizing your item
  • A $10 cutting charge, if the item being canceled is made of any of our papers and the paper has already been cut
  • A $12 proof fee for each proof you have received, if you uploaded your own art or requested a proof
Cancellation of Orders on Hold

A NEW ADDITION to this policy now applies to orders that were placed on hold prior to cancellation. Any orders that were on hold for 1 week post-proofing and are then canceled will be charged 10% of the product value, in addition to any applicable production fees. An additional 10% fee will be incurred for each subsequent week (i.e., 20% for 2 weeks, 30% for 3 weeks, 40% for 4 weeks, etc.) This, of course, excludes any cancellations that are the result of a product or color being out of stock.

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