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5 Unique Halloween Party Ideas

2 Sep 2022

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Did fall sneak up on everyone, or is that just us? Halloween is right around the corner, which means it’s time to start thinking of your costume and unique Halloween party ideas! From personalized party accessories to quick snack recipes, we’ve got you covered with these tips. Whatever your Halloween plans may be, we’ll help you make sure it’s a scary good time.

Halloween candy buffet with candy corn martini placed in front of it.

Candy Buffet

Too old for trick or treating? We don’t think so, but if your Halloween plans involve entertaining at home, our first unique Halloween party idea is to have a candy buffet! This is a great way to keep the tradition alive without going door to door. For this idea, simply take the concept of a regular buffet but skip straight to dessert! We know this sounds ultra-indulgent, but Halloween is all about more is more when it comes to junk food. Make sure to go all-out with the decor for maximum festivity, and don’t forget the cute napkins!

You can customize napkins from scratch with our FYP Customizer. Upload your own art or photography to make this personalized party accessory a memorable detail at your candy buffet. Of course if you need inspiration, feel free to browse our custom photo napkin gallery. Personalized napkins are a unique Halloween party idea that will set your event apart.

Ghost shaped cookies with pastel frosting. One placed in a clear cellophane bag that says "Spooky Cookies".

Personalized Cellophane Bags

We’ve got your back if you’re trying to stay on the safe side this Halloween. Forget about the huge candy bowl with all those sticky hands–instead, add a personalized touch with our customizable cellophane bags! This unique Halloween party idea is a fab way to keep things cute and social distance-friendly. It’s also a great way to dish out homemade treats if you’re trying to stay on the healthier side. For design inspo, browse our gallery of pre-made designs. To make things even easier, check out our halloween cellophane bag collection here!

Stir sticks being used as skewers for candy.

DIY Marshmallow Snacks

Everybody loves marshmallows! The easiest (and prettiest!) snacks can start with a simple marshmallow. Best of all, this showstopper snack comes together in minutes, so it is the perfect Halloween dish to make when you are short on time. Dress up your marshmallows by dipping or drizzling with chocolate, coating them in sprinkles, or incorporating seasonal Halloween-themed puffs!

Tie your snack together by arranging them on a skewer or our personalized stir sticks PS: These are totally a great addition to your Halloween Candy Buffet. Have we convinced you yet?

Shot glasses that say "Medicine" filled with a green foamy liquid.

Shot Glass Appetizer Cups

One of our most popular DIY idea and favorite unique Halloween party ideas is this cute little trick–repurposing personalized  2-ounce plastic shot glasses as appetizer serving vessels! Read more on our other blog post here for a full lesson on this stylish tip. To Halloween-ify it, try doing a sweet version with candy! You can also fill the custom shot glass with frosting or pudding and dip in some pretzels or cookies. Not trying to peer pressure you here, but wouldn’t these look so cute alongside other treats...maybe arranged in a buffet style? ;)

Candy Corn Martini with plastic spider in drink. Martini glass is on top of an orange napkin.

Spooky Cocktail and Mocktail

If you are looking for the perfect spooky drink to serve to your guests, we’ve got you covered. Add a seasonal Halloween touch to your bar cart with this Candy Corn Martini recipe! (Warning–this drink does take a few hours to prepare, so you’d better get started now!) Of course, you can also do a colorful mocktail recipe or two for the zero-proof guests. Pair it with a custom cup or Halloween-themed cocktail napkin and you’re ready to party!

We hope you enjoyed these unique Halloween party ideas! However you spend Halloween this year, we wish you a fun spooky season! To shop our entire line of Halloween party favors, click here for inspiration.

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Ghost Marshmallow appetizer on a stir stick place on a martini glass. Cocktail napkin underneath that says "Boos and Spirits"
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