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Design Personalized Appetizers Using Custom Shot Glasses

16 Sep 2021

Deciding on the appetizer menu for your upcoming wedding or party just got a lot more adorable. Savory or sweet, so many of your most beloved appetizers can be scaled down to a single serving and offered in a custom shot glass. Yes, we said shot glass. It’s cheeky, it’s practical, and it’s a fab way to switch up the presentation of your passed appetizers. Repurpose personalized 2-ounce plastic shot glasses as appetizer serving vessels! Brownie bites with a tiny dollop of whipped cream, matchstick veggies served with your favorite dip, shrimp in cocktail sauce, a teensy layered banana pudding parfait— the sky's the limit and the presentation delivers with bite-sized apps in custom 2 ounce shot glasses. 

Upgrade Your Wedding Appetizers with Custom Shot Glasses from For Your Party

Design Custom Tiny Appetizer Cups for Your Wedding

Take the appetizers to the next level during your wedding cocktail hour with an assortment of passed appetizers with personalized presentation. Skip the skewers for your shrimp cocktail wedding dinner appetizer, and instead offer two (not so jumbo) shrimp in a personalized shot glass pre-loaded with cocktail sauce. Or, tuck that puff pastry wrapped delicacy into a shot glass, and voila, a perfectly pick-up-able treat. Paired with your personalized wedding cocktail napkins, these apps will look gooooood! 

Pass the veggies in style with custom plastic 2 ounce cups from For Your Party

Host a Tasting Party with Tiny Appetizer Cups

Add tiny appetizers to your New Years’ Eve party plans, bachelorette party menu, or for that intimate cocktail party you’ve been wanting to host. From stuffed olives to bite-sized cheese balls to french fries served with ketchup or herb-infused sour cream, your New Years’ Eve appetizers are sure to be crowd-pleasers. Offer a variety of bite-sized desserts instead of full-sized servings— your guests will appreciate being able to enjoy several options or simply have a bite or two without wasting a full serving. It’s a win/win situation!

Offer Tiny Appetizers at Your Upcoming Wedding with For Your Party

Single Serving Appetizers for Wellness Considerations

As the pandemic persists, party and wedding planning still necessitates certain cautions. Single serving appetizers are a great way to reduce excessive handling of the food and/or serving utensils at your event. With individual appetizers, your guests simply select theirs, no further germ-sharing required. For even more pandemic preparedness, design coordinating face masks and personalized hand sanitizer to offer your guests, whether your event is big or small. 

You’ll love the way a new serving method freshens up your appetizer menu planning! Design your personalized 2-ounce plastic shot glasses with the FYP Customizer, or select your favorite option from our designer-curated galleries. Then, start flipping through your appetizer recipes. Need some fresh recipe inspiration? Start here. You’ll love reinterpreting your favorite appetizers into the bite-sized variety!


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Upgrade Your Wedding Appetizers with Custom Shot Glasses