5 Anniversary Celebration Ideas: Big and Small

17 Aug

by Rose Smith

Your anniversary: it’s such a good reason to celebrate every year! Whether you are marking your first anniversary or your 40th, or any of the many in between, it’s always a good year to go the extra mile with your plans. Some years call for big celebrations, while others lend themselves to something more intimate. Either way, you can curate a perfect party, whether for a room full of people or a party of two. 

full color photo matches are a great anniversary party favor

1) Celebrate with an Intimate Dinner at Home

Some years, an intimate dinner at home is exactly what you both want! Crack open that bottle of wine you’ve been saving, order in your favorite meal and linger over dessert with your spouse— all in the comfort of your own home. You can dress up or dress waaaay down, depending on the mood that strikes you. To give your anniversary dinner a personalized touch, add some engraved glassware to give your table setting a customized upgrade. 

add engraved personalized glassware to your anniversary dinner plans this year

2) Host a Small Anniversary Cocktail Party

If you have an anniversary coming up that you’d like to celebrate with the people closest to you, plan a small anniversary cocktail party! This could be as simple as meeting your best man and maid of honor with their SOs for appetizers and drinks at your favorite rooftop bar. What’s not to love about that idea? Of course, this size of gather can be easily hosted on your patio or your best friend’s backyard. Poolside cocktails to celebrate your union? Yes, please!

full color napkins are the perfect addition to your anniversary party planning

3) Throw a Big Catered Anniversary Dinner Party

Some years call for a big anniversary! Rent out that fabulous venue you’ve been hearing about, choose the best catering in town, and dance the night away with all of your friends. Getting married is the easy part— staying married deserves major celebration! Create personalized cocktail napkins to your party décor that say “We Still Do”  to add a custom detail and a sweet sentiment all on a napkin. 

Create "We Still Do" cocktail napkins for your anniversary this year

4) Hold an Anniversary Vow Renewal Ceremony

A vow renewal ceremony can be a fabulous way to celebrate a milestone anniversary. We all grow and change so much as life passes, it can sometimes feel like we’re totally different people than when first married. Rekindle your commitment to one another with a vow renewal ceremony that reflects who you are now! Design full-color photo matchboxes as an ultra-personalized take-home favor. Don’t forget to provide your ceremony guests with personalized face masks for extra peace of mind! 

offer your guests the essential hospitality of personalized face masks with FYP

5) Take that Second Honeymoon You've Always Wanted

Some years just demand a second honeymoon! Whether you’re celebrating your 10th anniversary or your 40th, a second (or third!) honeymoon is a perfect option. Skip the party and book you and your beloved the trip you’ve always wanted to take. Maybe you have more time these days or more resources— if so, create the itinerary of your dreams! 

Whether this year is the year you go all out or the year you stay in with abandon, make your celebration meaningful this year. To add a personalized touch to your celebration, big or small, start designing at For Your Party today!


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