What Type of Custom Cups You Need for Your Reception

30 Jan

Custom cups are always a fabulous addition to your wedding reception personalized accessories! Here at For Your Party, we offer a variety of different styles and sizes of custom cups, from personalized styrofoam cups to custom plastic cups to paper wedding cups, so finding the perfect personalized cups for your reception is just a matter of choosing what you need and, of course, the perfect design! Our cup ordering guide is a great reference to help you decide which custom cups you will need, depending on the beverage options you will serve at your wedding reception.


custom designed frosted cups, cocktail napkins and guest towels

As you make your wedding reception custom cup decisions, it is important to think through the best type of custom wedding cups you need for your particular event. The type of beverages you are serve, the venue setting, and your wedding guest list can all affect your personalized cups order.

custom designed frostflex plastic wedding cups

When you are planning your custom cup order, remember that cold beverages can be served in a wide variety of cups, from stadium cups to styrofoam cups to frosted plastic cups, but if you are having coffee or hot tea available, you’ll need paper cups or small styrofoam cups, because they are able to withstand the hot temperature of the drinks and will your protect guests’ hands, too.

personalized styrofoam cups

Personalized plastic cups and frosted wedding cups are both great custom cup options, plus they are reusable, so they can double as a fun wedding memento that your guests take home. Your wedding guests will love having personalized plastic cups for wedding favors! With a variety of sizes, you can customize your custom cups order to suit your specific wedding needs. Our custom frost flex plastic cups are available with over 50 screen printed colors to match your wedding décor, while our stadium cups are offered in 24 different colors, including 5 color changing mood colors. Match the vibe of your wedding with your custom cups– frost flex wedding cups with a classy metallic gold design for a formal wedding, or a cheery magenta color changing mood stadium cups mood stadium cups for your garden party themed outdoor reception. Truly, the options are endless!

custom paper coffee cups for your wedding

The season and setting of your wedding may be a deciding factor in your custom cup decision. An outdoor wedding in warm weather will typically require bigger personalized plastic cups to keep guests comfortably hydrated. Also, if you plan to serve iced drinks, like iced tea, lemonade or soda, remember to size up a cup size to account for the ice. Of course, if you have lots of adorable kiddos on your RSVP list, larger custom plastic cups may be hard for little hands to manage, so consider having a stack of kid-sized cups on hand!

personalized reusable wedding cups

Custom wedding cups are a perfect finishing detail at your wedding reception. What better way to pass celebratory cocktails than in your custom designed wedding cups? Pair your custom cups with gorgeous personalized napkins for guaranteed #perfectwedding candid pics throughout your #weddinghastag feed. You’ll love how your custom wedding cups add to your wedding reception décor! Get started designing your perfect personalized plastic cups today!