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For Your Party Custom Cup Ordering Guide

27 Feb 2024

When we throw parties, drinks are always an integral part of the occasion, and so are custom cups! Whether it’s alcoholic or non-alcoholic (ahem, it’s zero proof now), wine or beer, ranch water or a classic old fashioned, the drinks you serve are a reflection of your personal taste, and the tone you’re trying to set with your event. With that in mind, nothing complements your signature drink and shows off your party planning chops like custom cups from For Your Party. The only problem is choosing from so many options, so keep reading for our suggestions!

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Cup FAQs

How many custom cups do I need? 

As a general rule, we like to say 1-3 custom cups per guest. Even though most of our cups (except for styrofoam and paper/hot cups) are reusable and dishwasher safe, accidents happen! 1-3 cups per guest leaves some room for guests throwing cups out and misplacing them. Ultimately, you’d like your custom cups to be a fun keepsake, so you don’t want to pressure people to keep them by ordering too few. We’d also recommend 4-5 per guest if you’d like to use them for home entertaining, and really want to make custom cups part of your style! 

How much liquid do these custom cups hold?

See the below custom cup chart! We do sometimes get questions about why a 12 oz cup has an 11.1 oz flush fill volume, and it’s a question of how our distribution partners sell them to us. Also, we have to label them as conventional beverage sizes so you can find them and start your journey to custom cup heaven—who here has ever actually searched for “11.1 oz cup”?

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What style of cup do I need?

With so many custom cups to choose from, selecting a style can be the hardest part! We like to think about it in terms of two questions: what kind of alcohol am I serving, and what kind of party am I throwing? As a rule of thumb, less than 12 oz for wine, cocktails, or drinks on the rocks; 10-20 oz for beer or less boozy mixed drinks; and more than 20 oz for soft drinks or water.

What about the party?

As far as what kind of party you’re hosting, your choice of custom cup is everything! Frost flex cups are our do-it-all MVP, from kids’ birthday parties to black tie soirées. Consider one of our durable and bright stadium cups for sports games, watch parties, greek events, and more. If you’re serving hot beverages, our paper cups are the answer. For outdoors or summer fun, we like either the insulation of our styrofoam cups, or the irresistible fun of our drink pouches.

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Beer Versus Wine?

Another of our most popular custom cup questions is specifically what cups we recommend for beer versus wine. This is such a popular question that we figured it should get its own mention. For beer, we recommend 12-20 oz cups, and for wine, we recommend 5 or 9 oz! We also typically recommend stadium or foam cups for beer (though frost flex works too), and frost flex cups for wine. Of course, that’s just a jumping off point, so get creative!

Think Outside the Bar

One of the great things about offering such a wide variety of custom cups is that you can really get creative. We’ve seen 32 oz cups used for popcorn at movie nights, 5 oz cups used for individual servings of hors d’oeuvres, and more! The key is not being afraid to take any idea and run with it. If you really get creative, let us know on socials @foryourparty. We always love to see our products out in the wild.

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Cups Are The Key

No matter what kind of custom cup you go for, custom cups are a great way to leave an impression from any gathering. Your guests will appreciate a lasting memento that reflects your personal taste and style. Because they’re dishwasher safe, they can be used again and again.

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