What Cups You Should Use on Your Wedding Bar

20 Mar

There is no denying that custom wedding cups give your reception an upgrade in personalization! The real question is which cups work best for your specific needs? With so many sizes and types of custom cups, it can feel a little overwhelming to narrow down your best options. You have to think about:

What types of drinks you are serving?
What events and locations need to be stocked with cups?
If you need more than one style of cups (hot beverages and cocktails don’t usually demand the same cup style!)? 

Before you get overwhelmed, check out our party cup ordering guide. We’ve also listed some suggestions to get you thinking what types of cups will be best for your wedding reception.

personalized wedding frostflex cups for your wedding bar

Personalized Cups for Your Wedding Cocktail Hour

Customize your wedding cocktail hour with personalized frost flex cups in the perfect size for cocktails — 9 ounces. This classic cup size ensures that your guests get that full-glass-feeling for every signature drink that you serve. Your customized frost flex plastic cups give you the opportunity to personalize every celebratory sip that your guests enjoy! Say “cheers!” to custom plastic frost flex cups at your wedding cocktail hour. With over 50 screen printing color options, designing wedding cups to complement your décor will be a snap.

custom designed frosted cups for your wedding reception bar

Personalized Cups for Your Wedding Bar

Will your wedding bar be serving both cocktails and beer? If so, you’ll need more than one size of custom wedding cups to keep the cocktails from seeming puny in a big cup, and the beer from seeming like a teacup serving. A great solution is ordering 10 oz frost flex cups and 16 oz frost flex plastic cups  with coordinating or matching designs. Serve wine and cocktail in the 10 oz cups and beer in the 16 oz. Your bar will be fully stocked and ready for drinks of all sizes with these two sizes of personalized frost flex wedding cups!

personalized metallic frost flex wedding cups

Personalized Cups for Your Welcome Cocktail Bar

Your destination wedding welcome cocktail bar sets the tone for your entire wedding weekend. Start your celebrations off right with personalized party accessories like custom plastic cups! With over 20 cup colors, including the always fun color changing mood stadium cups, you’ll have total creative freedom to coordinate your personalized stadium cups to your destination wedding theme and colorway. Bonus: stadium cups are reusable, so you’ll be serving welcome cocktails in cups that your guests can take home as a memento of your fabulous destination wedding. Custom stadium cups for the win!

Personalized Cups for Your Dessert Bar

What drink goes best with that gorgeous spread of treats on your dessert bar? Mmmm, hello! Coffee, of course! Make sure your dessert bar has custom styrofoam cups to extend your wedding theme all the way to the last delicious sip of coffee! Our personalized styrofoam cups are the perfect option for keeping those hot drinks warm, and your guests’ hands comfortable.

metallic custom wedding koozie

Custom Koozies for Your Casual Backyard Ceremony

Maybe your wedding plans are more casual, and involve bottles of beer on ice and cans of LaCroix. To add a layer of personalization to even the most casual ceremony, offer your guests wedding koozies! Not only will your custom koozies keep their hands dry while they imbibe, you’ll be giving them a memento to enjoy for tailgates and football seasons to come. It’s a perfect personalization alternative, when cups aren’t needed!

personalized paper coffee cups for your wedding coffee bar

Whatever your plans are, there is a custom cup solution! You’ll be so glad that you took the time to think carefully about all of your personalized wedding cup needs when you see your guests enjoying their cocktails, beer and coffee, all in perfectly suited personalized wedding cups. Cheers to that!