5 Bachelorette Hangover Kit Must Haves

29 Mar 2023

Ah, the bachelorette party. A multi-day event that can be as fun as it is exhausting. Gifting your bridal party a bachelorette hangover kit is a unique party favor that will ensure your girls recover and are ready for round two. 

What is a hangover kit?

A bachelorette hangover kit is a party favor for your guests that is filled with the wellness tools you need to set yourself up for a pain-free morning post dancing the night away. There are plenty of pre-made hangover kits on the internet, but DIYing your own allows you to add personal touches. 

DIY bachelorette Hangover Kit

How to package my hangover kit?

If you want to go the creative route, a custom drink pouch is a unique vessel for your bachelorette hangover kit. Using a drink pouch allows your rescue pack to be multifaceted. It can be reused to hold snacks, your favorite drink, and wellness goodies for the morning after. 

The drink pouches themselves can be completely customizable to include the name of the bride, the date of the party, or inside jokes. You can browse our gallery of premade Bachelorette drink pouch designs, or create your own from scratch with our FYP Customizer

personalize your bachelorette hangover kit

What goes in a hangover kit for a bachelorette party?

A bachelorette hangover kit is completely customizable. But some universal musts include:

  1. Pain killer medicine

  2. Hydration packet

  3. Makeup remover

  4. Face mask

  5. Chapstick 

Of course, as the bride or maid of honor, you know your guests the best. Use this as an opportunity to make it your own! If you have a particular color scheme going for your event, throw in matching scrunchies for your guests. If there is a candy you all love, add that sweet addition to a hangover rescue pack. Custom matches or shot glasses are all thoughtful additions to include and can be used after the party is over as a lovely momento.

bachelorette hang over kit accessories

What else can I put in my drink pouch?

The night before your bachelorette hangover kit comes to play, you and your bridal party can fill up your matching drink pouches with your favorite drink. Think of our personalized drink pouches as an adult Capri Sun - perfect to add your favorite mixed drink, signature cocktail, or non-alcoholic option. 

If you are looking for an easy and festive cocktail recipe for your bachelorette party, we recommend the fan favorite Disco Lemonade. You can make your cocktail right in the drink pouch! Disco Lemonade is our twist on a peach old fashioned, so it is a great option for anyone’s tastes. A pinch of edible sparkles takes this recipe over the top, and if you're going to be a little extra that’s what a bachelorette party is made for. 

Another option is to fill your drink pouch up with snacks. A bachelorette party is a marathon, not a sprint, and your bridal party needs fuel to be their best selves. So putting your favorite chips or crackers in the drink pouch is the perfectly portable vessel for snacking by the pool. 

What do I need at a bachelorette party?

Tie your theme together with custom party favors! You can print the same design you customize on your drink pouch on our best selling napkins or cups. Alternatively, you can create a different design that fits the vibe or browse our collection of premade bachelorette designs. Whatever route you go, personalized party accessories will take your event to the next level. Be sure to tag us on Instagram and show off your custom bachelorette hangover kit!

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DIY bachelorette Hangover Kit