3 Ways to Use a Cocktail Stir Stick (that are not as a drink stirrer)

15 Nov

There are so many great ways to make your bar unique—be it for your wedding, a birthday party or even a fun dinner party. You can create a beautiful menu with delicious bites and interesting signature drinks, you can include a specialty garnish made just for that day or you could design personalized cocktail napkins, coasters or stir sticks. 

Personalized stir sticks are an easy way to incorporate your theme into the detail of each drink. But they’re good for more than that too! We pulled together a few fun suggestions on ways you can use a drink stirrer that are not actually to stir your drink:


1. As a personalized kebob stick. Step up your passed appetizers by stacking small bites on each stick for a functional and memorable serving option.

personalized stir sticks

2. As a donut garnish. You can also substitute little brownie bites here! Just think, any sweet treat that would pair well with the coffee, tea or hot chocolate being served in your personalized to-go cup.

personalized stir sticks with donuts

3. For indoor s’mores. While we wouldn’t suggest holding a wooden stir stick over a bonfire, stir sticks will work great for roasting marshmallows at your indoor s’more bar!

personalized stir stick for roasting marshmallows