Throw a Camping Themed Bridal Shower

17 Oct

Have an adventurous friend in your corner who is preparing for her wedding day? Throw a camping themed bridal shower to reflect her style and prepare for all those newlywed forest explorations.

We recently threw an office shower for one of our dear graphic designers, Rachael. We’re all about the theme and party details here at FYP. Once we saw that she and her future hubby were registered for a camping tent, we knew exactly how we wanted to decorate. The perfect theme for a camping centered bridal shower—S’more Love.

personalized cocktail napkins and personalized luncheon napkins for bridal showers
Bridal Shower Dessert

Who says dessert always goes last—ours is definitely an office of sweet tooths!We had a variety of options, from the traditional cake to something a little more camping-creative. One of the girls decorated the cake with an incredibly adorable little campfire using licorice, pirouette cookies and chocolate rocks. Seriously impressive. The token red velvet cupcakes also made a delicious appearance.

Of course, the selection would not have been complete without personalized napkins! We chose our new Sangria Watercolor Cocktail Napkin and paired a loopy script saying “S’more Love” with our totally adorable and recently added Wood Heart graphic. Complementing the cocktail napkins were custom Luncheon Napkins in Tangerine with a Shiny Merlot foil, personalized with the bride-to-be’s name and a little Forest graphic.

The star of the dessert table was definitely the Walking S’mores. Inspired by our camping theme but unable to build an actual campfire in the office (obviously) we created little s’more baggies. How does one make Walking S’mores, you ask? It’s simple! Check it out:

watercolor personalized napkin with a custom drink stirrer

Walking S’mores

– Snack-sized bags of graham crackers and/or cookies
– Marshmallows
– Cooking blowtorch or sterno burner
– Baker’s Chocolate (optional)

– To quickly prep, you need to melt the baker’s chocolate to drizzle on later. 
– Now, start with your opened bag of graham crackers or cookies. If you have cookies that include chocolate, you can skip adding the baker’s chocolate at the end! Or, you can be us and do both.
– Next, spear your marshmallow on a personalized Stir Stick for a little themed accessory action. CAREFULLY blow torch your marshmallow with the cooking torch or hold it over the sterno burner. Much like around the campfire on a starry night, think golden brown or black and toasted. Whatever makes your mouth water, roast your marshmallow until then.
– Once finished roasting, slide that gooey goodness into your bag of graham crackers.
– Drizzle your melted chocolate over the marshmallow and graham crackers.
– Find a fork and enjoy!

Bridal Shower Food

We thought the Walking S’mores were such fun that we had to keep it going—for lunch we had none other than Walking Tacos! Plus, another girl in the office had recently gone camping in Washington State and she had that for a meal. So, we felt pretty authentic. Basically, the same process that we used for the s’mores is followed when making Walking Tacos. Use snack sized bags of Fritos (or Doritos, if you’re feeling crazy), make your taco ingredients, throw them on top and feast!

personalized napkins for bridal showers
Bridal Shower Decor

Decorations for a bridal shower are always a must. Making the little details personalized to the bride you’re celebrating is a huge plus that will make her feel extra special. Which is basically the whole point of the day, so go for it!

Led by fall and our camping theme, we used plaid tablecloths with burlap and leather runners for a natural feel. Metal trays and big wooden slabs hosted the food and added to our nature vibe. Adorning the tables were also a dark blend of flowers with white roses for a feminine pop. We used purple glass jars for cute vases—a pretty alternative to the now classic mason jar. Topping it all off was a festive banner made by one of our designers that read, “S’more Love!”

Congrats, Rachael! We’re so excited for you and Jon to continue filling each other’s lives with s’more love ❣️

walking s'mores for an indoor s'more party