For Your Party & Small Business Saturday

25 Nov

Today, November 28th, 2020, is so thrilled to celebrate Small Business Saturday with our clients and colleagues. We began in 2004 when our CEO and owner, Sari Mintz, decided on the company’s collective mission: to help individuals and businesses create personalized decor for large events, for in-store or cozy at-home gatherings, and a unique way to make gifting special and personalized. This year undoubtedly tested the perseverance of all small businesses. For Your Party’s design staff and production team rose up to every challenge and, together, introduced and produced customizable and stylish PPE products, like personalized face masks and hand sanitizers, that helped those with special events celebrate safely.

Reflecting on 2020, we share a message from For Your Party Founder, Sari Mintz:
“For nearly two decades, my heart and soul has been entrenched in the event industry, adapting and perfecting every detail that our company has to offer. I am a strong advocate of consistent innovation, and I believe it’s that innovation, in combination with my creative and talented team, that allowed our small business to survive this difficult year. We are so lucky and appreciative to all of our customers, new and returning, that choose us to professionally brand the important moments of their lives. As CEO, my promise is to ensure that FYP carries everything you need to make your events unforgettable, and to forever respect the trust you instill in this small company to execute results that will wow you every order.”

In solidarity with our fellow small businesses and entrepreneurial friends, we’ll leave you with the following quote by John F. Kennedy: “Every accomplishment begins with the decision to try.”

Sari, FYP's CEO