Witch’s Potion

27 Oct


halloween cocktail

Clearly, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to make green, foamy drinks! Isn’t Halloween just the best? If you’re throwing a party or attending BYOB style, this With’s Position is a must. Just throw together some jello and sprite and impress your friends with this creepy magical potion you mix up.

You can add some themed cocktail napkins or coasters to your party for a festive bang. But if you’re really feeling like throwing back to some college jello shots, personalize our plastic shot glasses for a party favor everyone is sure to love!


 – 6 oz lime jello
 – 1.5 cup pineapple juice chilled
 – 1 cup vodka chilled
 – 16 oz lemon-lime soda chilled

First, completely make your lime jello per package instructions. Be sure you leave enough time to let it set completely! Then, use a fork to break the jello apart into small pieces (small enough to fit through a straw). Add your crushed jello to a large pitcher. Something clear is recommended!

Add pineapple juice and vodka to the pitcher and stir well.

When you’re about ready to serve, add Sprite until the pitcher is full. Try and pour it from a little higher distance than you normally would so that you get all the foamy goodness. Serve immediately! Pro tip—have some Sprite set aside for people to top off their drinks after pouring so that they get some fresh foam.