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What Your Custom Invitation Says About You

24 Jul 2023

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Custom invitations are the perfect way to let your guests know you’re serious about your event. Even though it’s increasingly common to invite people to an event via text or email, we’ll always have a place in our heart for mailing out a paper invitation. It’s got a level of charm that an electronic invite just can’t match, and they’re a great way to let your guests know you appreciate them. Here at For Your Party, we have a wide variety of invites and printing styles, no matter the event. Read on to see the creative ways you can use a custom invitation for your event.

custom invitations for any event

What’s Your Style? 

There’s truly a different custom invitation printing style for every event! Our best seller is the classic foil stamped custom invitation. These give you the advantage of a multitude of different colors and textures of paper to choose from, from a classic neutral tone to more decorative options that can become part of the art. 

For a wider range of colors or illustrations, or, of course, photos, our photo invitations use digital printing for a beautiful effect. For a refined, premium feel, try a letterpress invitation, which uses thick paper and extra printing pressure to create a subtle texture to each letter and graphic element. The beauty of these invitations is that any of them can be used for any event, so read on to see our picks!

personalize a custom invitation

Use Them For Weddings…

We had to start with our bread and butter. Weddings are the most popular event to send out custom invitations for, since who doesn’t want to announce that they’re getting married? We have a variety of custom invitations depending on the vibe you’re trying to project. We like foil stamped arch invitations for more minimal layouts, as the arch itself provides a trendy ornamentation. Plus, you can find the perfect paper color to match or complement the theme of your wedding. Letterpress custom invitations give a very crisp, slightly debossed line and look stunning with botanical illustrations and line drawings. To add another level of detail, try a combination of photo and foil printing. You lose the different paper color choices, but gain a stunning contrast between shiny foil and full-color printing.

wedding custom invitations

…Iconic Bridal Showers…

Bridal showers are as trendy as ever, and who wouldn’t want a custom invitation as a memento? We like photo invitations for these, as the full color range gives you so many options, plus, it can be fun to add a photo of the bride-to-be! Try using a details card for a shower, and pairing it with a full-size invitation for the main event. Just go to “customize more” and add whatever information you need. The important thing is that you’re thinking outside the box to kick your event up a notch!

bridal shower custom invitations

…Or Dream Birthdays!

Adding a custom invitation for a birthday, especially when celebrating a milestone, makes it all the more celebratory. We like photo invitations here, because after all, you’re celebrating a person, and what could be better than a favorite memory of them? The best part about using our customizer is that you can be the designer—whatever kind of custom invitation you can imagine, you can make! Because a birthday invitation can be less formal and more playful, foil stamped invitations also work perfectly.

birthday custom invitations

Keep Us in the Loop

There are far more custom invitation-worthy occasions out there than we can get to in one blog. If you come up with a custom invitation for your next event, share it with us and tag us @foryourparty. We always love to see what our party people come up with!

custom invitations for any event
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