Wedding Cups: Which Looks Matches Your Style?

18 Jul

So you need cups for your wedding. Great! And you’d like to have them personalized. Double great! But what style? Foam? Paper? Frosted plastic? Colorful frosted plastics?! With this many options, it can be hard to know which one fits your wedding or reception style. That’s why we’ve made this handy guide to help you pick the perfect wedding cup to make your guests swoon.

today and always plastic wedding cups

Frosted Wedding Cups

Our best selling cup style is #1 for a reason—these frost flex cups give the look and feel of a fancy frosted glass while being made of affordable, reusable, flexible plastic. Perfect for complementing formal occasions and dressing up informal occasions. If your wedding day is more upscale and classy, these cups can be paired with our gold or silver print colors to give that detailed, elegant look your going for. They can also be more festive by using one of our bright, colorful printed cup colors like fuchsia or turquoise. We also have a variety of sizes to tailor to each event on your wedding schedule. Toast with a bit of wine or champagne in our 9 oz cup size. Keep your guest entertained during pictures and serve signature cocktails in our 12 oz frosted cup. Place our 16 oz frosted cups next to the bar for beer. Whatever your need, custom frosted plastic cups are a great way to dress up your event in an affordable way.

plastic stadium wedding cups

Stadium Wedding Cups

Maybe the frosted cups aren’t exactly the style you’re going for. Maybe you’re more of the bold type. Maybe you want to serve your guests with a more comfortable and laid-back vibe at your wedding reception. The perfect cup for you would be our stadium cups. Our variety of bold color options and print color options make our cups easily customizable to match any party colors or theme. These plastic, durable cups are more suitable for a casual party vibe but can still be made classy for your special occasion by using our metallic cup or ink colors. Use one of our fun pre-made designs like “Drinks make you dance better” and “Love is Brewing” or create your own! Partying with these stadium cups will ensure a good time is had by all.

colorful plastic frosted wedding cups

Colorful Wedding Cups

So your party will be lively, but you don’t like the bold look of the stadium and the plain frosted cup is not doing it for you. Well, you’re in luck, because we have colored frosted plastic cups as well. Fun, vibrant colored cups with a cool frosted look. Buy 50 of each color type to make a colorful bar part of the fun.

Or maybe it’s the other way around and you love the stadium cups, but want something more fun than a solid color. Our mood stadium cups will satisfy your needs! Just add a cold beverage and these cups change from clear to colorful! How neat! Perfect to impress the kids, and don’t be surprised if the adults want to take them home too.

paper cups for wedding receptions

Paper Wedding Cups

You’re not looking for anything fancy, you just want your guests to sip their coffee as they eat wedding cake and look down at their cup and smile. Our paper cups can give you just that. The ink colors look extra nice against the paper background and can bring out details in a custom monogram, or display your initials in style. Paper wedding cups are perfect for fall and winter weddings that need an extra splash of warmth. They’re also a fantastic finish to a hot chocolate, coffee or cider bar. Planning a rustic outdoor fall wedding? Give your reception the final flair it needs with a warm drink and personalized paper coffee cups.

styrofoam wedding cups

Styrofoam Wedding Cups

At the end of the day, your wedding budget may play a big role in your wedding cup selection. Here at ForYourParty, we have a more economical option that also features your design beautifully! The ultra white of our styrofoam party cups will really make the color of your design pop. Our colors look great, and you can add any design you want to these foam cups. Order one for every guest and then some. These affordable foam cups make it easy to have enough cups for your party and many parties thereafter. Designed with your wedding monogram, cups can also take a special place in the first home of your marriage. The styrofoam makes for easy clean up too! Plus, they can be used for hot or cold beverages. The versatility in these cups make them a great choice to used throughout the entire wedding day.

Personalized cups can make a wedding chic, fun, festive, special or thrifty. It’s up to you how you want your celebration to go! Whatever your style, we have something perfect for you, so browse our cup galleries and find the perfect cup for your wedding extravaganza.

Not sure what cup size to order for your event? Check out our party cup size guide!