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The Ultimate Thanksgiving Checklist

17 Oct 2022

The holidays are here! One of the things we most look forward to this time of year is getting your family and friends together for Thanksgiving dinner. Hosting Thanksgiving can be a daunting task, whether you’re a first-timer or an expert host. This is why we’ve created a Thanksgiving Checklist for you to follow to make your turkey day as stress-free as possible! Thanksgiving will be a piece of cake (or shall we say pie) with our week-by-week breakdown.

Download a printable version of the For Your Party Thanksgiving Checklist!

Thanksgiving Checklist

What To Do 3 Weeks Ahead

[ ] Invite your guests 

    [ ] Customize your invite to match your theme using our FYP Customizer

[ ] Plan your Thanksgiving Meal Menu

    [ ] Make a budget assuming most of your guests will be attending, then plan out what ingredients you’ll need for each dish

[ ] Plan what can be bought or made ahead of time

    [ ] You can buy wine, beer, and cocktail ingredients ahead of time as these won’t go bad quickly

    [ ] Order your turkey! The earlier the better

[ ] Pull out your Turkey-Day Decor! 

    [ ] Order some new party accessories to go with the theme :) 

What to do 2 Weeks Ahead

[ ] Plan your table decor and centerpieces

[ ] Set the tone with our custom napkins and cups!

What To Do 1 Week Ahead

[ ] Start cleaning the house

[ ] Rearrange furniture as needed

[ ] Make sure all the necessary tools and utensils are out and ready for cooking!

What To Do the Weekend Ahead

[ ] Make a detailed shopping list 

[ ] Do your first shopping trip

    [ ] Shop for non-perishable items and get ingredients for dishes that can be made ahead of time

[ ] Clean out fridge and freezer to make room for all the yummy dishes 

[ ] Double-check on what dishes other guests are bringing

    [ ] This will make it easier to shop and or add any last-minute items to your list

[ ] Make any items that can be frozen until Thanksgiving Day

What To Do 2 Days Ahead

[ ] Do your perishable shopping trip

    [ ] Doing this 2 days ahead will also help you beat some of the crowds ;)

[ ] Make any items that can be kept in the fridge 

[ ] Start thawing your turkey if frozen

[ ] Chop veggies 

    [ ] This will make your life SO much easier for the upcoming days of prep (trust us)

What To Do 1 Day Ahead

[ ] Set up dining tables 

    [ ] Linens, place settings, dinner napkins (we’ve got you covered for this one), and utensils

[ ] Last minute grocery run 

    [ ] Because we all know we’re bound to forget at least one thing 

[ ] Get a head start on side dishes (veggie dishes, mashed potatoes, rolls, appetizers, etc)

[ ] Prep the sweets 

    [ ] Bake desserts ahead of time

[ ] Calculate how long you’ll need to cook your turkey for tomorrow

[ ] Make sure you have the supplies to send leftovers home with your family and friends! 

    [ ] Our cake boxes and goodie bags would be great for this :)

What To Do Thanksgiving Day

[ ] Take a deep breath- you’ve got this! 

[ ] Any last-minute runs to the store

[ ] Prep the turkey for roasting and put the turkey in the oven

[ ] Reheat desserts 

[ ] Have fun and enjoy the time with your loved ones!

Happy Holidays!

We hope our Thanksgiving Checklist helps you host the best (worry-free) turkey day yet! Show us your Thanksgiving spread by tagging us on IG @foryourparty. We can’t wait to see how you all celebrate with family and friends!

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