Sugared Berries Recipe to Make a Glitter Berry Cake Topper

4 Jan
how to make sugared berries

Top your cakes and cupcakes with a simple, beautiful and edible cake topper—sugared berries. We're loving the natural look of these berries paired with a sprig of rosemary. Plus, they give such a pretty touch of color and depth to each dessert. Sugared berries will definitely put your desserts in the 'elegant' category. The sugar will give the berries texture and a subtle sparkly look. If you're wanting a little extra glam, mix a bit of edible glitter in with your sugar before coating the berries. Here's the how-to on making edible glitter berries:

Fresh Berries blueberries, raspberries and blackberries
Egg whites
Granulated sugar
Parchment or wax paper
Optional—edible glitter

1. We suggest purchasing egg whites that are already separated from the yolk. However, you can also crack a few eggs and carefully separate out the yolks. 
2. Pour sugar in a shallow bowl and set aside. Mix in your edible glitter if you want to add more sparkle to your berries.
3. Next, whisk your egg whites in a small bowl until till smooth.
4. Use a small brush to paint the egg whites onto the berries. If you'd rather skip the brush and dip your berries straight into the egg whites, just be sure to shake off excess egg by scooping the berries with a fork and gently tapping against the side of the bowl. A small sieve would work too!
5. Transfer your egg white coated berries to your bowl of sugar and roll them around to coat evenly. 
6. Place your sugared berries on a piece of parchment or wax paper to dry. 
7. Top your desserts and enjoy!

sugared berries recipe
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how to make sugared berries
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