Seven Winter Party Staples All Hosts Should Have on Hand

11 Dec

If we had to call out a party season, we’d go with winter as party central since there are so many calendar holidays during those months. And aren’t we all happy for the cheer to bring a little warmth to these chilly days! Lots of parties to be had! Plus, as many guests are coming from out of town for the holidays, one host may be preparing for more than one party to make the travels worth the time. Parties on parties.

Before you start hosting any big celebrations this year, avoid the stress and make sure you have everything you need! We thought up seven winter party staples you should be sure to have on hand:

christmas party supplies with gold paper plates and cute party cups

1. Disposable Silverware and Plates

Think about the end of the night before your party has even begun (trust us). After your winter holiday party is over, you're going to feel both exhilarated and exhausted. You may do a quick clean of the counters and want to be done for the night, but that doesn't mean the dirty dishes will disappear. Instead of leaving yourself a load of dishes to clean in the morning, have guests use disposable silverware and plates instead. You'll just have to dump everything in a trash bag or two, and be done with your cleanup! You can even order our Insta Party sets that will provide paper plates, napkins and plasticware, along with party decor! Easy set up. Easy clean up.

2. Plenty of Snacks

Parties can all look different, depending on what the party is for. You might host a birthday party, a holiday dinner or a brunch festival. Whatever your party is for, make sure you have plenty of snacks on hand for your guests. They'll arrive ready to socialize and ready to snack! Even after a meal, don’t be surprised by guests still wanting something to snack on—especially if it’s a long party with lots of festive drinking. Leave out snacks like peanuts and crackers that will be easy for people to nibble on as the party continues.

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3. More Than Enough Drinks

Another party must-have is the drinks. Remembering to offer a drink to your first few guests may seem like a no-brainer, but as more people arrive, you can get caught up talking with everyone and forget to pour drinks. Make it easy on everyone, yourself included, by setting out options that are ready to grab. Make sure to have lots of juices, water and sodas for the kids, and you can even set up a DIY drink bar for the adults. A self-serve drink station is the way to go for big parties.

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4. A Variety of Desserts

No party is complete without dessert, of course! Keep in mind that not everyone is going to have the same taste in treats, and some people may even be on a diet. For your dessert table, have a variety of sweets like brownies, cookies and cake, along with a “healthier” options like strawberry shortcake, fruits or other low-calorie desserts. You can have the best dinner in the world, but without something sweet to eat after the main course is done, something will certainly be missing.

5. Counter Cleaner and Paper Towels

Part of having people over is making sure everything is clean before they arrive, but don't forget spot-cleaning during the event! Although you may have properly wiped down everything before guests arriving, there is no guarantee everything will stay that clean. A price we’re willing to pay for the good company! Consider keeping a good counter cleaner on hand along with paper towels, so you can easily clean up drink spills and food messes after people leave.

6. An Outdoor Space Heater

It's going to be cold outside, but that doesn't mean your guests will want to stay inside for the entire party. Rooms can quickly get stuffy, leading guests to open windows or even go outside. If you have a porch, deck or lighted driveway, they might congregate there for some fresh air, so don't leave them shivering. If you invest in an outdoor space heater, the party can overflow outside. You can even set up a bonfire pit with s'mores supplies, so your outdoor space can act as a dessert station! You'll win over more than a few kids and extend the space you have for your party.

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7. Extra Table Seating

Unfortunately, you can’t depend on your RSVP list for your official count of how many people are coming. Some people may show up with extra guests. Babysitters cancel, and family may drop in for a visit, which means you'll be looking for extra table seating. It's smart to have extra chairs on hand in case you need them, so consider renting a few and keep them in a hall closet until they're needed.

Looking for more party planning help? Head over to these no-fail holiday tips or browse the rest of the FYP party planning blogs. Happy holidays and happy hosting!



Post written by Kacey Bradley
Cookie Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash
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