Score At Your Football Party

9 Jan

Now that the holidays are behind us, our next item on our party planning agenda is our tailgate extravaganza for that oh, so very super, pro football game coming up. You know the one we’re talking about! 

Now, let’s be honest, we are not all equally invested in the score, or even reading those roman numerals for that matter, but plenty of us are here for the halftime show and the snack scene! No shame! The halftime show this year is sure to be stellar! Hello, J-Lo AND Shakira?! Just make sure you have plenty of finger food on hand so people can graze as they gaze, amiright?

custom tailgate party napkins are a game winning choice!

For a crowd-pleasing party favor, design stadium cups that double as a fab memento of your tailgate party. Search the galleries for plenty of designer created options, or design your own, totally unique look. There are plenty of sporty graphics available, and you can customize your text exactly how you’d like!

Personalized napkins are a crucial tailgate party supply, and a great way to add more custom details to your party while also serving a very practical purpose! Football food is by no means tidy, so everyone will appreciate a generous stack of gorgeous custom napkins to use while they feast.

Personalized stadium cups for your upcoming football tailgate party

If you’re serving most of your drinks in cans, custom koozies are a really fun option to add to your football party tailgate supplies list. Not only will your guests’ hands stay dry and warm while they watch the game, but their drinks will also stay cold and they’ll leave with a totally useful party favor! 

Since tailgate parties are usually pretty laid back, you may want to add personalized coasters to your custom party accessories list. Providing coasters on your vulnerable surfaces will help everyone keep from leaving the dreaded cup ring on your gorgeous coffee table. 

Whoever you’re cheering for, make this year’s big game a main event in your hosting calendar! Cheer to good food, a fab halftime show and a great time!!

personalized napkins for your football party this year