Planning Your 2020 Engagement Shoot: Mistakes to Avoid and Concepts to Grab

31 Dec
2020 Engagement Photo Shoot Tips from For Your Party

If you have social media accounts, then you have absolutely seen your fair share of different engagement photos throughout the years. Some of them are dreamy and romantic, while some lean more towards humor. It truly depends on the couple, and that’s the magic of these creative moments. This is a hugely exciting time in a relationship, so, truly, any decisions made on how you’d like your shoot to go will not be wrong decisions. They are your pictures forever and will serve as a placeholder for the beginning of your huge new journey. We encourage you to take this time as a couple to dream up what you want your pictures to look like, if you want engagement photos taken at all. Newsflash - they are not a necessity! Moving on…

2020 Engagement Photo Shoot Tips for Authentic Pics

Some numbers to consider…
According to, the average cost of a 2019 engagement shoot will land someplace in between $200 and $300. This would be based on approximately 2 hours for shooting with no more than 1-2 outfit changes. 

We went to our friends and fellow wedding-experts at JuneBug Weddings and gathered some pro-tips for the 2020 fiancés that will be planning soon. The following will be the 3 pieces of top-notch advice that we gathered from their piece, “7 Engagement Photo Mistakes to Avoid”, and we couldn’t agree more if we tried…

Mistake 1) Selecting a location where you will not feel like your most authentic self. If you are more prone to catching drinks and a movie with your S.O. than you are prone to rock climbing, an engagement shoot planned at a mountain or that is outdoorsy will feel and look forced to your loved ones.
Mistake 2) Picking out multiple locations and outfit changes for your engagement shoot. While variety is something photographers love, it is important to be realistic when planning and consider all of the factors that will play into your day. Traffic from place to place! You’ll need places to change your outfit!
Mistake 3) Outfits should be comfortable! Of course, you can and should be as glam as you want to be, but remember, this is a photoshoot! You’ll be posing, likely standing, so if you need to rock those 4” heels, prepare for some 2 minute shoes-off breaks! Select your outfit(s) based on what you feel the most comfortable in and whatever makes you feel ultra-confident. 

2020 Engagement Photo Tip: Images That Reflect Your Unique Interests

Ok, so now that you know what to avoid, we’ll share what we consider to be the top 3 pieces of advice for those couples planning to get engagement shots taken. In this new year, the wedding-industry will be abuzz about pairs who keep it real, showcasing what it really means for the duo to be uniquely in love. Taking our notes from the team at, FYP has collected some pieces of engagement shoot knowledge for 2020…
Pro-Tip 1) If you’re searching for a buzz-word for engagement shoots, here it is: authenticity. When deciding where you’re shooting with your photographer, consider the places and activities you genuinely love to do as a pair. Think about where you met, significant landmarks during your relationship. If you guys love to cook together, maybe the shoot is candid with your photog grabbing snapshots of the two of you in the kitchen! Like to go record shopping together, music lovers? Head to your go-to store and do what comes naturally! Your loved ones will notice and sense the genuine love and comfort through pictures that truly capture your couple-vibe with a casual, intimate-yet-fun concept.

2020 Engagement Photos Tip: Go Where You Like To Go!

Pro-Tip 2) Speaking of authenticity, there’s nothing more authentic than something candid! Sometimes, the best idea while shooting your engagement photos is to pretend the photographer isn’t even there, just interact lovingly with your person and enjoy the moment you’re sharing. Those moments, we sometimes let down guards we didn’t even know we had up, allowing shots that reflect true images of happiness and comfort. Don’t be so stiff! Shake it out, share some inside jokes in between shots, and let loose! These will be the pictures you look back on and treasure forever. Prepare for 2020 to be the year of engagement shoots that make you say, “Oh, that picture is SO them”, in the best way.

Pro-Tip 3) If you happen to love how the shoot turns out, 2020 will usher in couples using these pics in creative ways. And we here at FYP are LOVING this trend. Sure, it’s nothing new to use the pictures for your Save The Dates, but what about a functional Save The Date that is equal parts useful and precious? Our personalized, full-color professional printing capabilities can produce your beautiful pictures and pertinent info on coasters, matchbooks, heck, even on cocktail napkins! Now, not only are your beautiful pictures circulating with your family and friends, but they are beyond picture-worthy. Let the hashtagged photos of your wedding flood your socials extra early! The more memories, the better!!! We recommend checking out the following souvenirs to slap your engagement photos on:

BONUS IDEA! Feature your very favorite picture at the sweets table on your leftovers and take-home bags! 

2020 Engagement Photos Used As Invites and Favors


Sitting on Van Photo by: Sara Rogers Photography

Pizza Photo by: Nicole Ashley Photography

Breakfast in Bed Photo by: Nicole Ashley Photography

Record Store Photo #4 by: Kylie Morgan Photography