Planning A Weekend Bachelorette Trip

23 Sep

Why settle for a bachelorette party when what you all really want is a bachelorette party trip?! There’s no better excuse for a getaway with your nearest and dearest, so it’s time to start planning your epic bachelorette party trip. With some thoughtful planning, you can skip most/all of the drama, and capitalize on the memories! A few simple steps and you’ll be on your way:

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1. Capture the Vision for your Bachelorette Trip

Of course, the bride is often not totally in the loop on bachelorette planning, but a destination trip definitely begs her input. Talk location with your bestie bride-to-be, and any other critical details that are important to her. Once you’ve established a big-picture vision for the weekend, she can get back to wedding planning, and you can iron out all the details of your fabulous bachelorette party trip.

2. Confirm Guest List for your Bachelorette Trip

Invite, evite, email or even just text(!) the people who made the bride’s bachelorette trip guest list to get an idea of how many people will be able to attend the bachelorette party trip. It’s important to get a firm commitment, especially if hotel rooms, etc, will be shared, so you can give everyone an accurate price range for the trip.

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3. Estimate Expenses for your Bachelorette Trip

Based on the location and bachelorette party trip vision you discussed with the bride, do a quick few internet searches for lodging, travel, etc. Airbnb and hotel rates vary greatly from city to city, and even neighborhood to neighborhood, so if you find a fab deal, investigate the area to make sure you don’t end up disappointed upon arrival.

If the location is drive-able, travel expenses to and from the bachelorette trip location may be able to be shared. But, if you’ll have people flying in from various parts of the world, it is best to estimate an “on location” budget, and let everyone figure out their own transport costs. Also, even with firm commitments from attendees, definitely pad the projected budget a bit so that someone canceling last minute, or (please, no!) failing to pay their part, won’t leave anyone in a lurch.

4. Book Bachelorette Trip Details

Once you have a solid vision for the weekend bachelorette trip and a confirmed guest list, you can start booking your lodging and any other reservations. Of course, any meals out should have reservations made, but also any spa treatments, fun classes like wine tastings, vineyard tours, boat rides through the city, etc. Try to think through every hour of the trip and schedule as many of your activities as possible to be reserved.

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5. Plan Details of Bachelorette Trip

Once you have your anchor activities and meals booked, think through the details of the trip. What meals will you eat at the Airbnb? What kind of snacks and drinks do you want to have on hand? What party décor and personalized accessories do you want to have to enjoy all weekend long? Will you be giving any party favors or recovery bags? So many questions, but remember, it’s all in the details!

6. Design Personalized Accessories for Weekend Bachelorette Trip

Some great personalized party accessories for your bachelorette party trip to consider are custom coasters, personalized napkins and bachelorette party cups The stadium cups are reusable, so they can double as a party favor, too! Coasters keep the surfaces at the hotel or Airbnb nice and dry, plus they add a fun layer of eye-catching personalization. And, napkins. Always napkins. 

7. Have a Fabulous Bachelorette Trip

Once you finish with all this planning, you’ll need a vacation! Whew! By planning thoroughly and carefully, you (and everyone) will have a much better time during the actual trip. Do your best to not leave any planning or managing to be done in real-time, so you can just function as a guide, not as someone scrambling to make sure it all happens right in the moment. Don’t forget to embrace the trip as a way to truly celebrate your bride-to-be friend!

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