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New Year's Resolutions to Be a Better Party Host in 2018

2 Jan 2018

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2018 personalized cocktail napkins

Happy New Year from For Your Party! What a year it has been. From across the U.S. to our own little corner of the internet, we've seen big changes this year. FYP staff has gotten married, joined the team, had babies, moved and traveled the world. New products, designs and patterns have been added to the website, and we relaunched the site with a whole new look, new features and new mobile-friendly interface!

Moving into 2018, there are many, many things one can reflect on and strive to do better. For our office resolutions, we've decided to focus on and share with you what we do best—parties! We asked around the office and pooled a few goals we thought you might want to join in on. Do you have any resolutions for 2018? Party related or not, share in the comments below!

Resolutions to be a Better Host in 2018

"In 2018, I resolve to simply be a host and have more parties. Why? Because life is short and there is no reason not to celebrate! The best thing you can do as a host is to relax and let your party evolve. Everyone loves a host who isn't too busy to jump into the fun and enjoy themselves." - Sari, President

"I'd like to focus on my home bar to give guests a treat to their taste. There's something so welcoming about having all the basic liquors and mixers available with beautiful glassware and tools to mix up any preferred drink." - Mariana, Designer and Advertising Manager

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"Be better at following up with guests after the party and thank them for coming. Oh, and to make parties more kid-friendly! Maybe with a special game or something entertaining set up to give the kiddos a fun time and let parents relax." - Rachel, VP of Business Development

"Use cute (or funny!) wine charms so that guests can keep track of their glasses—and maybe start an interesting conversation or two." - Alice, Graphic Designer

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"Put effort into the details such as handwritten place cards or thank you notes to make my guests feel special!" - Emily, Graphic Designer

"To bring back the sit-down dinner party! Instead of always reverting to the (beloved) buffet style–sit–wherever–you–can, I’d love to invite friends over to a delicious meal served on a gorgeous table set with a specific place specially made for each guest.” - Grace, Marketing Communications Assistant

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