Napkins to Use on Your Party Tables

30 Oct

Give your holiday party tables a splash of personalization with custom designed napkins of all sizes from For Your Party. We all love a good cocktail napkin, but let’s face it, sometimes we need a little more (ahem) real estate in our custom napkins. Fortunately, there’s a napkin for every occasion, whether you’re hosting a grande sit down dinner, or casual drinks with friends. Any size you choose for your personalized napkins can be designed to complement your party decor perfectly. From luncheon napkins to guest towels, your options are endless. Not sure which napkins are perfect for your event? We have some fresh ideas to inspire you, whether you’ve ordered custom party accessories for years or if you’re considering it for the first time.

custom designed guest towel

Personalized Guest Towels

Custom designed guest towels are a great way to extend your personalized party accessories to the powder room and give your guests a bit of custom designed luxury as they dry their hands. But be sure not to confine your personalized guest towels to *just* the restrooms! Custom designed guest towels make an excellent, generously sized napkin option for a family style meal or buffet, too. Plus, the size of your customized guest towels is great for use for interesting napkin fold to feature in your gorgeous tablescape.

customized luncheon napkins

Personalized Luncheon Napkins

Custom designed luncheon napkins give you more napkin than a cocktail napkin, but are smaller than a full sized dinner napkin. If you’re offering heavy appetizers or a light meal, custom luncheon napkins are a great option. Your customized design will look lovely featured on the napkin color of your choice, foil stamping printing color and sheen, as well. Don’t let their name fool you, personalized luncheon napkins are a nice size for an array of events beyond a traditional luncheon!

custom designed black and gold dinner napkin

Personalized Dinner Napkins

Perfect your gorgeous dinner tablescape with personalized dinner napkins. You’ll love the way your party decor coordinates with your custom dinner napkins. With a generous 8 inch square of luxuriously soft texture, your personalized dinner napkins will go the distance as your guests feast on the meal you serve. Don’t underestimate the way the right custom designed dinner napkin can bring together your party design! Coordinating your personalized dinner napkins with your other custom party accessories will give your event a sense of all the details being covered.

personalized holiday party napkins

As you plan your upcoming event, embrace your opportunity to choose the precise size and design of your personalized napkins! Your guests will appreciate your attention to the details as they daintily dab their mouths between delicious bites. Bon appetit!