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Must Have Custom Birthday Decorations

15 Sep 2022

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Planning a birthday can be an overwhelming task, so we’ve broken it down to the five things you need to make your special day an unforgettable bash. Whether you are celebrating a milestone birthday or hosting for someone, these custom birthday decoration ideas will wow your guests and set your party apart.

custom birthday decorations must haves

The Invitation

A logical place to begin is by asking people to come to your party! Besides, what’s a party without your favorite people there? Sending a custom birthday invitation is a creative way to set the mood before your guests even arrive. It communicates all of the important information they need from the location to the dress code if you’re having a themed party. 

A retro or disco themed birthday party has been a big trend, and if you are planning such an event you’ll love the Disco Night Groovy Birthday Invitation from our Disco Night collection. Featuring a funky disco ball design, you can personalize this custom birthday decoration with your name, the date, and location of your party. 

You can also create a custom invitation completely from scratch with our FYP Customizer. If you are looking for more inspiration, browse the galleries of our recently launched arch invitations or custom photo invitations for something more colorful.

custom invitation for your birthday party

Custom Napkins

If you’re serving drinks at your party, custom cocktail napkins are an absolute must. You can completely customize the color combination of our napkins to match the aesthetic of your event. 

For quantity, we recommend 2-3 cocktail napkins per guest per hour as a general rule. If you have a big drinking crowd or are handing out appetizers, consider ordering 4-5 per guest. It’s always better to have too many than to run out!

If your birthday party leans more dinner than cocktail, opt for our personalized dinner napkins. Available in both standard size and pre-folded, a dinner napkin is a custom birthday party decoration that will elevate your tablescape. For the table, we suggest 1-2 dinner napkins per person. However if you’re having a buffet or potluck, you might want to increase your quantity so your guests have a napkin at their place setting as well as an extra stack by the buffet table.

custom birthday napkin

Personalized Cups

Have your guests sip in style with this must have custom birthday decoration. Our personalized cups come in a variety of sizes from shot glasses to 32 oz stadium cups. If you are looking for a unique option, our drink pouches are great for day parties or a casual birthday bash. Best of all, they are reusable so after the parties over you can send your guests home with a unique party favor.

Custom photo cups are another great choice to keep the party going. Browse our gallery of cups designed by our in house graphic designers, or create your own birthday cup from scratch with a photo of the birthday guy or gal.

personalized cup as Custom Birthday Decorations

Custom Can Coolers

If you have a beer drinking crowd, custom can coolers are a sustainable custom birthday decoration to give to your guests. Custom can coolers can be personalized to match the aesthetic of your party, and will be a memorable party favor. Is this birthday checklist item a little extra? Perhaps, but so worth it for that over the top fun factor.

custom birthday can coolers

Cake Boxes

You can have your cake and eat (leftovers) too! Our last must have is cake boxes. This unique birthday decor item is great for passing out to your guests when they leave. You can of course fill this custom birthday decoration with cake or use as a vessel for dinner leftovers and snacks. For recipe ideas for your snack table, check out this blog to learn how to make tasty party trail mix that comes together in minutes.

Custom Birthday Decorations

Happy Birthday to You!

We hope our checklist of custom birthday decorations ideas were a helpful place to start in your party planning. For all of your party planning needs, we are there for you. Visit our birthday party event page for more creative ideas for your bash, and we wish you a special day!

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custom birthday decorations must haves
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