Lemon Drop Shots

23 Mar
Lemon Drop Shots in Customized Shot Glasses

Grab some friends—it’s time to celebrate! Not only have you practically made it to FriYAY, it’s officially spring! So, it’s time to take a shot and dance on the table. ‘Cause, why not?

Lemon Drops can be made with pre-squeezed lemon juice, lemon flavored vodka, lemonade mix, etc. But in honor of spring, the below recipe is a la fresh.

serves 5
6 lemons, juiced
5 tablespoons simple syrup
6 mint leaves
4 shots of vodka
white sugar (for rims, if you’d like)

Pour over ice into a cocktail shaker your freshly squeezed lemon juice (leave a bit aside to wet rims, if you want to coat with sugar) and simple syrup. Throw in the mint leaves. Shake well to mix your ingredients. The ice will bruise the mint, infusing the drink with its crisp flavor. Dip the rim of each glass into your remaining lemon juice, and then into a plate of sugar. Strain the lemon-mint mixture into your festive  Personalized Shot Glasses. Turn on your favorite dance music.

-FYP Mixologists