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Introducing…Drink Pouches!

23 May 2022

Picture this: you’re at a 4th of July BBQ bash. To your left: a mountain of mouth-watering grilled goodies. To your right: a delicious chilled glass of sangria, glistening in the summer sun, damp with condensation, much like your forehead. You reach for your drink and—-before you know it—it slips right out of your hand, splashing festive red all over your new white dress. At least you match the decor?

Glassware is great and all, but don’t you wish there was a better way? Some other mechanism for delivering delicious drinks to your mouth with minimal mess? Something cute and fun and…portable? Say no more--our custom drink pouches are here to save the summer day!

personalized drink pouches for your wedding

What is a Drink Pouch?

Even if you’re a die-hard glassware fan, you’ve probably started to notice these babies winking at you from the trendiest corners of the internet and your favorite retailers. Drink pouches are a great alternative to glass or plastic cups, especially for outdoor events like barbecues and picnics. See those little holes punched along the top of the drink pouch? You can use these to slip in a cute matching straw, string a lanyard or other carrying mechanism, or simply tote it around with one or two fingers. Easy!

Since our drink pouches are customizable, these are perfectly adaptable for all of your thirstiest events this summer. As usual, we have a gallery full of gorgeous designs created by our in-house team of designers or, you can always design a drink pouch from scratch using our handy customizer!

graduation drink pouches and personalized graduation cocktail napkin

What Can I Do With It?

So, you probably get the idea by now--it’s a little baggy with a stronger zipper than usual. A fancy Ziploc, if you will. You’re probably wondering: what can I put in a drink pouch? The answer is simple: anything and everything! Well, maybe don’t put anything gross in there, because our drink pouches are clear--which means you can decorate your cocktails and mocktails from the inside out!

We like to keep it classy over here at FYP, so you’ll notice our drink pouches aren’t perfectly crystal-clear. These are just a little bit frosted to really elevate the quality and keep that air of mystique--everything looks better with a little soft lighting, right? This also means your beautiful drink pouch design won’t be competing with any decorative fruits and garnishes floating around in there!

wedding drink pouches custom your drink pouch for your event

Play to Your Party Theme

Everyone loves a little nostalgia, and these drink pouches are evocative of simpler times. If you’re throwing a retro-themed party, make a call back to your favorite childhood snacks with customized drink pouches! Fill them with all the rainbow-colored drinks that your guests will recognize from the schoolyard days to really bring the memories back. Or try out a new cocktail recipe--we recommend a cucumber mojito.

Of course, our drink pouches are also great if you’re hosting a party for…y’know, actual children. But they’re sure to be a fan favorite for kids-at-heart, too.

personalized bachelorette drink pouch

Choose your own adventure

Put a twist on the classic build-your-own cocktail with our custom drink pouches. A popular party gimmick is having a bar cart loaded with curated ingredients so your guests can build the party’s signature cocktail on their own. Why not add an extra element of customization? Stay with us here…remember how we said these drink pouches are clear? Allow your guests to express themselves with the add-ons! Use tiny cookie cutters and novelty ice trays to create fun shapes for your guests to decorate their drinks, sangria-style. You can even use fruit juice or food dye to make multicolored ice cubes and create a little lava lamp effect right inside your drink pouch.

This idea can also be done alcohol-free by setting up a flavored water stand. Simply fill your drink pouches with your favorite seltzer waters and allow your guests to flavor it up with frozen berries, cucumber slices, sprigs of lavender and mint--any combination is sure to look gorgeous inside of a clear drink pouch!

mojito custom drink pouches


Whether you’re throwing a swankier shindig or a more casual affair, our drink pouches are sure to be a hit. Express yourself by dressing them up or keeping them lowkey--that’s the beauty of customization!

custom drink pouches from for your party