How to Put Your Bitmoji on a Cocktail Napkin

27 Feb
bitmojis on cocktail napkins

Have you ever sent a bitmoji over text message or Snapchat and thought, "Wow, I look freaking amazing as a bitmoji." You are not alone. Here at For Your Party, we're all living out our Lizzie McGuire inspired dreams of finally having an animated emotional representation of ourselves for practically every situation. Thank you cool bitmojis! 

A huge trend we're seeing right now is bitmojis on personalized party supplies. That's right—you can now start with Snapchat bitmojis or your favorite text message bitmojis and create super fun bitmoji party supplies! Really, how cute are these bitmoji wedding napkins?! Want to create your own bitmoji napkins? It's simple!

Here's how to create bitmoji napkins:

1. Be sure you have the Bitmoji app downloaded on your phone or mobile device, your bitmoji character designed, and the keyboard installed on your device.
2. On your mobile device, open up a new email. Address it to yourself! 
3. Next, simply open up your bitmoji keyboard and then copy and paste whichever version you want printed on your custom napkins into the body of the email. Send! Now you have a file of your bitmoji archived in your email.
4. Head on over to a desktop computer, open up your email and download your bitmoji attachment.
5. Upload your bitmoji to our photo/full color cocktail napkin customizer and voilà—you're done!

We love, love all of the different styles you can find through the bitmoji keyboard. You even have multiple wedding bitmoji options! Just search 'wedding.' You can also find styles that will make totally adorable bitmoji graduation napkins, birthday napkins and more. Check it out!

Here are a few For Your Party staff favorites: 

For Your Party bitmojis


Image c/o @maljack
bitmojis created via Bitmoji