How to Host a Friendsgiving to Remember

2 Nov

Welcome, November! This month can often seem like just a quick intake of breath between Halloween and Christmas. But let’s not forget Thanksgiving—it’s the perfect moment to pause in the midst of a busy season to remember all of the blessings and gifts in our lives. Which includes our friends and family, of course. Now, treasured family traditions are a big part of the holiday season, but we are loving the rise of "Friendsgiving." Anyone have Friendsgiving plans this year?

Whether you are sticking with friends on this year’s Turkey Day or adding in another celebration, we have a few tips for hosting a fabulous Friendsgiving meal.


1. Set the table! Have each friend bring a dish, but step up the potluck status with a beautiful tablescape. Maybe even have a fun custom place card and treat waiting at each setting.
custom place cards with sweet favor
2. Put the phones away. Go technology free for dinner, and instead make a point of having everyone share something they are thankful for. You can even create custom coasters with space specifically for writing an "I'm grateful for..." list. Keep them all together to pull out at future Thanksgivings and reminisce, or have them around at friend parties throughout the year as a nice reminder!
custom coasters to make a grateful for list
3. Be goofy! Play charades, recount funny stories, think of all the Thanksgiving puns (which can easily be featured on personalized napkins for some quick entertainment). This is where the memories are made. Remember that one time when Joey ended up with the turkey on his head…
personalized cocktail napkins for thanksgiving