How To: Enhance and Personalize Your Rooftop or Backyard Wedding

21 Sep

Written by: Rose Smith
Backyard and rooftop weddings have always been idyllic, but with the pandemic persisting, they are trending in a major way! Fresh air and plenty of room to spread out are high priorities on the must-have lists of marrying couples this year. Outdoor weddings can be stunning and memorable experiences, and in these uncertain times, your guests will appreciate the outdoor location more than ever. 

custom cocktail napkins and guests towels add a layer of personalization to your outdoor wedding

Depending on your geographical location, outdoor venues are a solid option for 9-10 months out of the year, and even more so further south. Of course, keeping your guests comfortable is a major consideration for any outdoor affair, as well as having a precipitation plan. Once you have those logistics in place though, you can focus on enhancing the venue according to your wedding style, and personalizing all the details!

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Anchor Your Outdoor Oasis

When the expansive open sky is your “ceiling”, grounding your outdoor wedding space with visual focal points and spatial cues will situate your space within the grand outdoor setting. To enable everyone to keep safe distances from one another, use multiple focal point selfie stations and a spacious arrangement of chairs and tables. If your venue flooring permits, use custom floor decals to offer your guests directions or a COVID-friendly “Let’s Social Dis-DANCE” message. 


Plan for Changes in Lighting

If your wedding timeline stretches into the evening, make sure that your lighting plan accounts for the ambient light changes as the sun goes down. Warm candlelight, twinkle lights or lanterns can provide the necessary light as twilight arrives. If your rooftop or backyard wedding may get a little chilly, staging several outdoor fire pits or fireplaces for warmth and that fabulous firelit glow.

Stay True to Your Creative Vision

With the sky and greenery of nature as the backdrop of your wedding, your creative vision for your wedding décor is truly unlimited. Sleek and modern, warm and eclectic or vibrant and maximalist — you can create your outdoor space to reflect the colors and themes of your choice. From the style of chairs you choose for your ceremony seating to the music you play, your outdoor venue is simply the canvas that you are creating your big day upon. Of course, use the landscaping or nearby architecture to your advantage, but overall it’s up to you!

design coordinating personalized wellness products for your outdoor wedding

Personalize the Details

Layer your gorgeous rooftop or backyard wedding with touches of personalization with custom-designed wedding accessories. Personalized cocktail napkins and custom matches are wedding day essentials, and personalized guest towels for powder rooms with a clever message about handwashing are a great addition, too. Custom frosted cups take your wedding cocktails up a notch and can be taken home (sans cocktail, obvi) as a wedding favor.

Provide Pandemic Essentials

COVID-conscious wedding planning also involves providing guests with plenty of resources to stay germ-free. Personalized wedding face masks, coordinating individual hand sanitizer bottles and single-use personalized hand wipes are all great ways to provide your guests with what they need to relax and enjoy your wedding day. For Your Party also has a selection of social distancing signs to bring attention to your sanitizing products or to kindly remind them to do their part to “spread love, not germs.” 


Plan the Perfect Wedding Favors

Speaking of wedding favors, they are the perfect way to add your wedding colors and design to your wedding landscape. Personalized cake boxes with a sweet treat for your wedding guests’ return home is a crowd favorite option, or custom gift bags with a curated gift. Whatever wedding favor you choose, customize its presentation with a personalized gift tag expressing your thanks for joining you and your beloved on your wedding day.

create custom cake boxes for delicious wedding favors

Make your rooftop or backyard wedding everything you’ve dreamed of! Create an outdoor oasis to celebrate your big day. Although the pandemic considerations may require some adjusting, you can definitely still have an amazing wedding day! 

personalized face masks are a new wedding essential