How to: Celebrate a Milestone Birthday in Style

24 Sep

Written by: Rose Smith

Celebrating a milestone birthday is a perfect opportunity to go BIG with personalized details and all the indulgences that your guest of honor loves the most! Whether you are hosting a large scale soirée or an intimate dinner, make the most of the moment and celebrate the birthday guy or gal in personalized style! Choose a theme, set a menu of their favorites, make the appropriate COVID considerations based on your local requirements and voilá! Major milestone birthday party achieved! Celebrate that 21st birthday, 40th birthday, 65th birthday or 90th birthday with friends and family, plus some fab personalized details, this year.

Create full color photo cocktail napkins for your milestone birthday party

1. Choose a Theme

Decade Themed Milestone Birthday Party
Get nostalgic with a decade themed milestone birthday party. Whether you choose to throw it back to the not-so-long-ago 90s or the groovy 60s or the last roaring 20s, you can recreate an atmosphere that will make your party guests swoon! For a sentimental touch, create personalized photo cocktail napkins featuring bygone days to your cocktail bar. 

Favorite Things Milestone Birthday Party

Another great milestone birthday party theme is a favorite things party. Curate everything about the party to be your guest of honor’s favorite! From the colors to the music to the menu, the party will be a tour of everything your loved one loves! What better way to celebrate their milestone than by creating a birthday party that is FULL of all their favorites?

a 90s decade party is a great theme for a milestone birthday party

2. Curate Your Milestone Birthday Party Style and Colors

A milestone birthday party is a perfect opportunity to be extravagant in your party planning! Splurge on the focal point selfie wall, the personalized frosted cups and/or the extra atmosphere enhancers like a DJ or mixologist. Feel free to glam it up if that’s what your honoree likes! 

Custom design your cocktail napkins and frosted cups for your milestone birthday party

3. Plan Your Milestone Birthday Party Schedule, Menu and Drinks

An orderly idea of how the party will flow is essential for both the hosts and any hired professionals like chefs, bartenders, etc. It also gives you a framework for thinking through any hospitality elements, party supplies needed and many other details. Once you determine the menu and the scale of the meal (sit down dinner vs. passed hors d'oeuvres, etc) you can begin to envision the flow of the party. Of course, planning the signature cocktails (and corresponding cocktail napkins!) and other offerings are also crucial.

create beautiful custom accessories for upcoming milestone birthday celebrations

4. Make Wellness Considerations for Your Milestone Birthday Party

Customized Wellness Support Accessories

Provide your party guests with personalized face masks and custom hand sanitizer to support the group effort for a germ-free event. Custom floor decals can be used to direct guests to keep their distance in any serving lines and on the dance floor. Social distancing signs can cue your guests to remaining vigilant AND have a good time.

Socially Distanced Milestone Birthday Party Options

In this unpredictable season of living through a pandemic, any event requires some serious consideration, as well as a solid back-up plan. Especially if you are celebrating an older loved one, or have a guest list that includes people who may not feel comfortable attending a party. It’s important to include a way to participate in the party, even from afar. A group zoom call, a video compilation shown during the party or a collection of letters for the birthday guy or gal are all great ways to incorporate meaning and participation during uncertain times. 

nostalgic photos are a perfect for full color photo cocktail napkins

5. Document, Document, Document Your Milestone Birthday Party!

If we’ve learned anything in 2020, it’s that life does not always go according to plan. With that in mind, savor the moment at your milestone birthday party! Take tons of pictures and videos, sing the favorite songs and recall the best memories! Embrace (even at a 6 foot distance!) the life being celebrated and the loved ones who have made it so significant. 

custom napkins are a great personalized touch for your milestone birthday celebrations