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How to Build a Holiday Charcuterie Board

30 Nov 2022

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Quarantine brought us many stay-at-home-chic trends, (remember that time when everyone was making sourdough bread?) but the holiday charcuterie board is undoubtedly the most fabulous one of all. There’s just something about the visuals…they say we eat with our eyes first, right? The charcuterie board is the perfect vessel for festive snacks, whether you’re entertaining at home or looking to bring the most stunning dish to the family potluck. You can easily turn any spread into a festive treat by incorporating the colors and flavors of the season–we’ll show you how!

Holiday Charcuterie Board with custom plate

1. DIY Alert: Charcuterie on a Stick

Our first idea is this cute little stack of festive colors on a stick! This is a pretty and mess-free way to set up your holiday charcuterie board–perfect for kids (and germaphobes). You can pretty much swap any ingredients in and out of this, but the key is to stick with seasonal colors. To recreate ours, you’ll need these items:

  • Mozzarella pearls

  • Cherry tomatoes

  • Sliced salami

  • Green olives (pitted)

  • Rosemary (for garnish)

Simply slide each component onto your stick of choice (we used our lovely customizable stir sticks, of course!) and don’t be afraid to play around with different colors and patterns. You can lay these out as part of a larger charcuterie board, or present them on their own like we did!

Holiday Charcuterie Board with custom plate

2. Complementary Cocktail

Since we’re on the red theme here, we’ll need to conjure up an equally festive cocktail to match our holiday charcuterie board. And what’s redder than a Bloody Mary, other than Rudolph’s nose? We know, the Bloody Mary is kind of a brunch thing, but the savory-saltiness of this classic drink will go great with the salty meats and nuts on your charcuterie board. 
Not a Bloody Mary person? Check out our Mistletoe’s Kiss cocktail recipe here! Not to toot our own horn, but we think our barware would be a pretty cute addition to your bar cart this holiday season. We have custom cups and coasters for days, with plenty of cute seasonal designs to match any party.

easy bloody mary recipe

3. Naughty or Nice? Savory or Sweet?

Are sweet charcuterie boards a thing? Well, let’s make them a thing! Another great way to display your holiday party snacks is to do a sweet play on the classic charcuterie board. We created this by laying out cookies, marshmallows, and other dessert-y finger foods the same way you would set up a cheese plate. Pay attention to what shapes and colors look good next to each other, and don’t forget to provide napkins to avoid sticky hands!
Instead of serving cocktails alongside your sweets board, set up a hot chocolate bar for your guests with all the sugary fixings. Of course, we have to recommend our super cute hot drink cups for this one.

holiday charcuterie board

4. Don’t forget Decor

Of course, there’s no better way to bring out the colors in your holiday charcuterie board than by playing them up with matching decor! We’ve already talked about cups and coasters, but plates and napkins are another no-brainer here. You’ll notice we brought out the reds and greens in our charcuterie-stick wreath by pairing them with our gorgeous Happy Holidays plate in the color red (idk the design name) and our Retro Snowflakes linen-like napkin in Hunter Green. 

If you’re tired of the classic red-and-green, try using more unconventional colors that still play within the holiday theme! Once you’ve built your holiday charcuterie board and mixed the accompanying cocktail, you might want to whip out our color theory blog for this part.  No matter what colors you put together, your spread is sure to be a hit!

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