How To Be a Great Holiday Guest

10 Dec

The holiday season often finds us traveling to see loved ones and staying as guests in their homes. It’s a scenario that has so much good potential, but can be a little daunting! An overnight (or nights!) visit definitely takes more than basic holiday party etiquette. Never fear though, because we have a few simple tips to offer to help make sure that your time together with your hosts is enjoyed by everyone!

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The Golden Rule of Being a Good Guest

When you are a guest in someone’s home, you get to enjoy the moments between the big events: a quiet breakfast before the day begins or lingering over a glass of wine as you wind down in the evening. It’s really an intimate situation that can lead to treasured memories! Even when you are staying with a close friend or beloved family member, though, don’t forget to practice the golden rule of guesting—leave your host feeling totally seen, appreciated and even helped out! It’s a “do unto others” opportunity! Just a few simple steps can leave your hosts feeling cared for, and even eager for your return. You don't want your stay to add to the stress of preparing for holiday parties. 

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Be a Proactive Guest

If you have questions about your stay, or particular needs to consider, it’s best to be warm but direct in asking questions of your host. Don’t wait and expect your host to think of all the right questions to ask you—or to be prepared for every unique need. If you are an early riser, mention that, and offer to make the morning coffee for everyone, if that’s an option. If you have health considerations that affect what you eat or mean that you need a little real estate in the fridge, let your host know. They’ll appreciate being in the loop as they think through their food offerings, and you’ll skip the awkward moment of needing to decline their hospitality in some way.

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Come Bearing Gifts

When someone opens their home to you, no matter how close you are to them, it’s a good idea to arrive with a gift of appreciation. Wine, coffee or a gift set that can be used in their home are all great hostess gift ideas. Our powder room gift sets and wine gift sets are a great choice, with designer curated items in a variety of styles. The Inspirational wine gift set includes couple stacks of stylish home cocktail napkins and a beautiful mercury glass wine stopper, which will surely be useful to your hostess with the most-est! Or perhaps a Happy Place powder room gift set with luxurious foil stamped guest towels and a fresh new candle to cast a welcoming glow is a better fit for your host?

If the schedule allows, offer to take your hosts to dinner, or at least order some take out one night to lighten their load. Pick up a few snacks or essential grocery items to pitch in for the household’s enjoyment. You’ll be amazed at how much these small details really go the distance with your hosts.

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Leave it Better Than You Found It

To seal the deal on a return invite, do your best to leave the space you’re given better than you found it. That means making the bed and tidying your space each day, and stripping the bed and taking your used towels to the laundry room before you leave. Load your plate into the dishwasher, and offer to help out when you see an opportunity. Really, just be the guest you’d love to host!

As you navigate your holiday travel season and find yourself being hosted in someone's home for an overnight visit, or even just for a dinner party, be the guest that is a joy to host. After all, in so many ways, isn’t that what the holiday season is all about?