How to: Add Tarot Readings To Your Fall Bachelorette Party

24 Aug

If you are looking for a memorable experience to complete your bachelorette party this fall, consider adding a tarot reading station to the soirée. Not only is tarot a low-key and totally memorable addition to your party plans, but it’s also a great aesthetic to coordinate with your personalized party accessories! A little bit boho and a little bit edgy, celestially inspired details make for a totally unique, dramatic and memorable bachelorette party. 

Design tarot inspired bachelorette party accessories for a unique theme

1) What is Tarot?

If you’re thinking about adding Tarot reading to your bachelorette party plans, you likely are already familiar with the practice. Just in case though, here’s a rundown: Tarot reading is the divination practice of reading tarot cards in order to derive insight into the past, present or future. A type of cartomancy, tarot reading typically begins with a question.  Cards are then shuffled and laid in a meaningful configuration, called a spread, for consideration and interpretation. Tarot readings can provoke deep thought and clarity of mind, plus it’s just fun! 

2) Set a Celestial Stage

For the party atmosphere, opt for moody, celestially inspired party décor to set the stage for an otherworldly evening. Create a designated area for the tarot readings to take place. A separate room or a secluded part of the patio will do. You could also go all out by renting a deluxe fortune teller tent, if you have the budget. Comfortable seating with velvet pillows, draped textiles and plenty of warm candlelight will create the ambiance. 

3) Design Inspired Personalized Party Accessories

To extend your décor beyond the atmosphere, design personalized bachelorette party cocktail napkins, matches and cups that coordinate. Scatter personalized matches on surfaces, serve signature cocktails from themed custom cups, and, of course, pass every cocktail with it’s matching personalized cocktail napkins. Choose mystical designs on dark, moody colored napkins and paper products paired with glittering silver or gold foil stamping. Your custom tarot inspired party accessories will add a fabulous personalized touch to the evening!

Custom cocktail napkins, cups and matches add a personalized layer to your gathering

4) Facilitate An Easy Experience for Everyone

It may sound a little type-A to create a sign-up sheet for the tarot readings, but it will truly make the experience better for everyone (we promise!). It will save time between readings and allow for your tarot reader to remain settled at her station. Plus, it gives any guests who are uncomfortable with tarot readings an easy way to opt-out. An added bonus is that it keeps the bachelorette party host(s) from having to micromanage the tarot readings and focus on all the other details of the evening. #yesplease

5) Curate Themed Party Favors

Send your guests home with a memento that they’ll enjoy in the days to come. Create custom tea favors custom tea favors to allude to another classic divination method, reading tea leaves, and give personalized mugs with the tea sachets inside as party favors. Or, for something more extravagant, curate custom gift bags for all of your guests, and be sure to include a classic deck of tarot cards!

add a meaningful quote to your bachelorette party cocktail napkins with For Your Party

Adding a tarot reading element to your bachelorette party plans is sure to be a crowd-pleaser! Plus, an unexpected detail is often what makes an event unforgettable, so it’s a win/win situation! So, schedule your tarot reader, invision your fab décor, and get started designing your custom party supplies today!

personalized matches are a crowd favorite party favor