Hanging Flowers Backdrop DIY

18 Mar

Looking for a fresh, unique décor focal point to add to your upcoming party or wedding reception? With a few simple supplies, some fresh flowers and a bit of determination, you can DIY a gorgeous hanging flower backdrop! Not only will your hanging flower backdrop look totally fab behind your wedding cake table or drink station, it will most certainly be the selfie station for your guests’ insta-worthy photos. A fresh flower wall is a delightfully whimsical wedding idea! Plus, your wedding reception will get major boho points with a flower hanging wall. Let’s get started!

gorgeous DIY hanging flower backdrop by For Your Party

Hanging Flower Wall Supplies

  • Scissors
  • Sewing needle
  • Measuring tape
  • Fishing line
  • Small beads (optional)
  • Fresh flowers
  • A branch, dowel rod or existing structure like a gazebo
hanging flower DIY supplies

Hanging Flower Wall Directions

Step 1: Gather supplies! Choose your featured flower(s) and think through what you will hang your hanging flowers backdrop from. This could be anything from an existing structure like a gazebo to a branch or rod you hang on a wall. There is TONS of creative freedom in this project, so feel free to make it totally your vibe!

Step 2: Measure (and remeasure) your designated space for your DIY hanging flower backdrop. Use your measurements to give you an idea of the amount of supplies you’ll need.

hanging flower backdrop DIY in process

Step 3: Trim your flower stems. Leave enough stem to ensure that the flower bloom stays intact. (Note: the number of flowers needed will vary with the size of your backdrop)

Step 4: Using the needle and fishing line, begin stringing flowers on the fishing line. Tie a knot in the line where you want the flower to “sit” when it is hung. If you are using a variety of flowers, remember to alternate the types of flowers on each strand. (Note: If the flower slips over the knot in the fishing line, add a small bead in the knot) The frequency of flowers on your strands is totally up to you.

hanging flower backdrop DIY in process

Step 5: When your desired number of flower strands are complete, affix them to the rod/branch or structure that will feature your DIY hanging flowers backdrop.

Step 6: Make final adjustments!

Step 7: Take the first selfie in front of your totally fab hanging flower backdrop DIY!

finished DIY hanging flower backdrop by For Your Party