Flower Ice Bucket DIY

21 Feb

Keeping the wine or champagne cold is a crucial aspect of hosting a fabulous party, so why not create a gorgeous DIY flower ice bucket to do just that and impress your guests with your fab DIYing? With endless choices of the type of flowers, greenery or fruit you choose to feature, you are able to match any party or season’s colorway. (Think vibrant zinnias for a summer garden party, or evergreen branches and cranberries for a wintry gathering!) A few simple and accessible supplies (and enough time for the water to freeze!) are all you need to create your own DIY flower ice bucket.

DIY Flower Ice Bucket

DIY Supplies:

  • One 2 gallon bucket
  • One 2.5 quart bucket
  • Cut flowers, greenery, and fruit of your choice
  • Scissors for trimming stems and branches
  • A heavy rock or brick
  • Access to water and a freezer with enough space for a 2-gallon bucket
DIY Flower Ice Bucket Supplies

DIY Process:

  1. The fun part! Gather your supplies!
  2. Freeze a 2” (or more) base of ice in the bucket for at least 4 hours, adding any decorative items you’d like
  3. Place smaller bucket onto frozen base, with a brick or heavy rock inside to keep the bucket from floating up when water is added
  4. Add fruit, greenery and flowers between the larger and smaller buckets and fill with water. For greater creative control, and since some items will tend to float, you can work in layers, completing a few inches at a time. Of course, this will make the project take longer, but your result may be more complex and artistic. **Note: Be sure to allow plenty of room for water, and avoid overfilling the space with your flowers. If you're filling with florals and there is only a thin layer of ice due to overfilling, the ice will melt quickly and the petals will brown as they become exposed to the air.**
  5. Freeze flower ice bucket for 8 or more hours
  6. To remove the smaller, interior bucket, fill it with hot water to loosen the frozen seal. Twist the smaller bucket and gently remove.
  7. To remove the flower ice bucket from the 2 gallon bucket, run hot water over the outside of the bucket to loosen the seal from the frozen water. As it loosens, carefully turn the bucket upside down (making sure to support the floral ice bucket!!) to slide out your fabulous creation!
  8. To display, set your gorgeous flower ice bucket on a tray, making sure to place a towel underneath the ice bucket to absorb any moisture from melting.

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DIY Flower Ice Bucket Removal Step
DIY Flower Ice Bucket Process
DIY Flower Ice Bucket Photo