Everything You Need to Know About Ordering Personalized Party Supplies

15 Oct

Are you considering ordering personalized party supplies for your next event, but not sure if you totally understand the process? Maybe you often find yourself dreaming up the perfect custom cocktail napkin as you shop readymade retail products for your parties, but never quite find what you are looking for? The good news is that ordering personalized party supplies is super easy and well worth the extra few moments of effort. Soon you, too, can have a perfectly personalized batch of your favorite party supplies at your doorstep!

personalized koozies

When to Order

One of the first details to consider when ordering personalized party supplies is the necessary "lead time." Aka how long before your event you need to order your party supplies. A custom item takes longer to produce than what we’ve become used to in our modern same-day-shipping world! (Thanks, Amazon). Make sure to schedule plenty of time between perfecting your custom designed party accessories and your party date. Ideally, you should plan to order your personalized party supplies about 3 or more weeks in advance. Sometimes shipping can be available for a tighter turn-around, but it is better to plan on some extra time, just in case.

custom designed Thanksgiving napkins

How Many to Order

The question of how many of each custom party supply to order can feel a bit daunting to calculate! We devoted an entire blog post to this topic. It refers to ordering for wedding receptions specifically, but take a peek even if you’re planning a birthday party or bridal shower. The numbers will be similar and you can scale your numbers appropriately.

custom leather coaster

Which Items to Order

Once you decide to order personalized party supplies, the question becomes which items to order. There are so many options! Of course, a tablescape with a multitude of coordinated custom party supplies is gorgeous, but don’t fall prey to the idea that just one or two personalized party accessories can’t pack a major punch! Take an honest look at your budget, and prioritize which items are most important to you. Consider which items will deliver the most color and style, and which ones offer that perfect finishing touch. Keep in mind that a little can go a long way, but of course, a lot can go even further! A casual tailgate is quickly upgraded with custom koozies for the canned drinks, and a clever design on a reusable plastic cup will keep your guests chuckling as they take their cup home as a party favor. Stay true to your budget and make sure to get the most mileage possible out of each personalized party supply that you choose.

personalized Halloween cups

How to Make it Unique

One main reason people opt to design their own personalized party supplies is to have items that are truly unique to the event, and that reflect their party theme perfectly. If you’re going to design custom designed party accessories, then you should totally make sure that they are completely tailored to your event and your guest of honor. Are you throwing a bridal shower for your best friend who is notorious for quoting song lyrics? Design a collection of cocktail napkins that highlight her best qualities in the form of song lyrics and make her bridal shower especially unique to her. Perhaps you’re hosting a birthday party for your super classy, well traveled, MIL, and you’d like to design your custom party supplies to have a cheeky Italian quip that represents an inside joke between her and her dearest friends. You can totally do that! Once you experience the creative freedom that comes with designing and ordering your own personalized party supplies, you might just find yourself converted for life. It’s really easy, and SO fun!

custom amore matchboxes

Ordering personalized party supplies is a guaranteed way to take your party hosting up a level, and it will make your honored guests feel so loved and appreciated. Take some time to browse our gorgeous galleries of designs to get your creative juices flowing. The next thing you know, your vision for your next party will become realized as you create totally unique personalized party supplies. Get started designing today!