Everything You Need For a Graduation Party

11 Mar

Spring is in the air, which quickly gives way to dreams of summertime—even among those of us who are no longer, ahem, students. But before you start planning your summer vacation, don’t overlook your favorite graduate! May and June are prime time for celebrating the graduates in your life, from university down to pre-K!

personalized stadium cups for your graduation party

How to Start Graduation Party Planning

Honoring the graduate in your life doesn’t have to be complicated, but just because you keep it simple, that doesn’t mean it has to be boring or basic! With a bit of planning, you’ll find yourself (almost) effortlessly hosting a totally fab graduation party. If you are going big, we suggest following this Graduation Party Planning Checklist to be ready for the celebration. 

To narrow down your graduation party plans, ask yourself a few questions.

Do you want to serve a meal or just easy snacks?
Do you want to have a theme for the party?
How many guests do you expect?

Once the answers are becoming clear, you’re well on your way! The number of expected guests gives you a great way to gauge how much you need of all the graduation party essentials like plates, flatware, cups and napkins. It also gives you a number to work with when you consider seating and space in your party location.

personalized graduation party cocktail napkins

Graduation Party Food Ideas

If you’re expecting a crowd, you’ll want to keep the food simple and self-serve-able. A buffet-style meal is a great option for hosting lots of people. If your guest list is a bit shorter, you can be more formal with seating and serving food, if that’s what you’d like. For an ultra-simple theme, especially if your social circle is flooded with graduation parties this year, opt for a mid-afternoon popsicle party or ice cream sundae party. Everyone loves a cool treat on a late spring day!

custom designed graduation party cocktail napkins from For Your Party

Make Your Graduation Party Unique

One easy way to add some personalization to a simple graduation party is with personalized cups and custom cocktail napkins. Here at ForYourParty, we have tons of great designs that make ordering so easy. With just a few clicks, you can have your coordinating customized graduation party accessories designed and ordered. So simple! If you choose to personalize custom graduation stadium cups or frost flex cups, the cups double as a party favor for guests to take home as a memento. Win/win!

Have a great time this year as you celebrate your fav grad! They’ve worked hard to finish their studies. Whether it’s college or kindergarten, everyone deserves to be celebrated!