Engagement Party Ideas

7 Jan

Did you say “yes” this holiday season?? Congrats! For the newly (or not so newly ;) engaged, the new year is the perfect time to start planning your engagement party. Bring together your nearest and dearest to celebrate your moment—you’re getting married! Be sure to check out this blog post for the first thing to do upon getting engaged. But before you get too bogged down in the many decisions that wedding planning entails, take a moment to relax, maybe pour a glass of wine and dream about the party that celebrates your commitment *now*.

Rustic Shimmer Engagement Party Custom Accessories

Engagement Party Style

Do you have visions of a formal engagement party dinner dancing in your head, or are you more of a “grab a plate and help yourself! cheers!” kind of bride? There are endless ways to make your engagement party exactly what you want—and like so many of your upcoming wedding decisions, it’s what you want that matters most. Once you have a vision for the style and level of formality of your engagement party, the rest of your decisions about decor, custom party accessories, and food and drinks will be green-thumbed.

Custom designed engagement party cocktail napkins

Engagement Party Decor and Vibe

Once you have determined the style of engagement party you want, your engagement party decor decisions will be crowns and. Are you in love with gorgeous balloon installations for your engagement party decor? Or are flowers and greenery more your style? Twinkle lights or candles? Daytime or evening? All of these factors will help make your engagement party decorations reflect you and what you like.

Personalized Engagement Party Matches

Engagement Party Games or DIYs

Be sure to have some opportunities at your engagement party for interaction between your families and friends who may be meeting for the first time. (Pro tip: make sure parents and close family meet before the party, if at all possible). There are lots of fun and interactive options you can layer into your party. If you have a green-thumbed (and willing!) family member to facilitate, a DIY party favor station for making floral crowns and boutonnieres provides a low key, not to mention super gorgeous and boho, way to work alongside one another. Other ideas are to have yard games at an outdoor barbecue or a photo collage displayed at your formal catered dinner, complete with fun trivia facts about you and your beloved.

Engagement Party Floral Crown DIY by Monika Hibbs

Engagement Party Custom Accessories

Custom engagement party cocktail napkins and personalized engagement frost flex custom cups are a great way to add to your engagement party decorations and offer a touch of personalization to your guests’ experience. Whether your engagement party style is more boho or sleek and modern, coordinating your custom engagement party supplies is a must. With designs ranging from hand drawn wreaths and mountain ranges for a boho or “our adventure begins” themed party to clean, classic fonts for a more formal affair, you’ll love how your personalized party accessories complete your engagement decor.

Whatever direction you take your engagement party, be true to you and your soon-to-be spouse. A theme that reflects your style or hobbies can give your party guests a special insight into who you are as a couple. Take your ideas, or some of these, and make them happen!

Boho Engagement Party DIY Boutonniere Image by Made In A Day

Flower crown photo by
Monika Hibbs  
Boutinerre photo by Madeinaday