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DIY Apple Votive Candles

As fall approaches and your party hosting shifts with the seasons from poolside margaritas to autumn fare like fireside mulled cider, try these simple fall decor DIY apple votive candles for your tablescape. Apples are a quintessential symbol of the arrival of fall, and the warm, flickering light of votive candles will accent your cozy fall decorations. Both cost-effective and simple, you’ll love the way that a little extra effort with this easy fall decor DIY elevates your creative tablescape.

fall centerpiece with apples, flowers and diy votive candle holders

For a touch of personalization that complements your fabulous apple votives, add a custom party accessory like custom lipstick matches from For Your Party. Named for the boxes they resemble, this rectangular box is customizable on 3 sides. With the extra side to personalize, you get some extra creative liberty for your custom design. Many autumn related graphics such as acorns, pumpkins and yes, even apples, are available for you to coordinate your personalized lipstick matches design with your DIY apple votives and other fall decor!

personalize matches for a cute and inexpensive fall wedding favor

Your personalized lipstick matches are available in dozens of colors, many of which will beautifully complement your fall decorations. Poptone tangerine or dark olive are 2 vibrant, autumn-inspired colors, and the natural Kraft/Latte color coordinates well with the nubby color of burlap. Your DIY apple votives placed on a simple burlap table runner will combine beautifully for an easy tablescape.

As a festive parting gift for your guests, send your simple fall decor DIY apple votives home with them as a party favor, along with your custom lipstick matches. You’ll want to remember to replace the votive candles quickly before you hand them out, or supply a fresh votive or two attached with a custom gift tag. Your guests are sure to enjoy your handcrafted DIY apple votives, and your custom lipstick matchboxes will come in handy all season long as they light their fall scented candles. Get started designing yours today!

what you need for a diy fall votive candle apple holders

Fall Apple Votive Candle Holder DIY:

What you need:
Apples, votive candles, lemon or lime juice, baster, paring knife or pumpkin carving tool

What you do:
 – Choose your apples according to your colorway. You need apples that will sit on your table without tending to roll, so take a moment to make sure your apples of choice have undersides that are even, not lopsided.

 – Measure the diameter of your votive candles, and notch a few small slices in the apple skin to help you keep your carving area aligned with the size of the votive.

 – Carefully carve the circle and remove the apple stem and surrounding flesh. Be careful, as the stem and core are harder to carve.

 – Using a baster, carefully cover the flesh of the apple that is now revealed with a coat of lemon or lime juice. The citrus will keep the apples from turning brown during your event!

– Once you’ve finished brushing on the citrus juice, place your votive candle in place and voila! Your apple votive candles are ready for lighting.

 – Strike a match and light your fabulously inexpensive and unique apple votive candles. Extra points for using personalized lipstick matchboxes from For Your Party (wink, wink).

fall centerpiece with apples, flowers and diy votive candle holders
fall centerpiece with apples, flowers and diy votive candle holders