Creative Wedding Napkin Ideas

2 Mar

Take your personalized wedding cocktail napkins to a creative new level with For Your Party. We have full color napkins that are the perfect starting point for developing your unique wedding cocktail napkins. While interesting napkins folds are one obvious option, we’re loving how creative brides and grooms are designing their wedding cocktail napkins to do so much more than just accompany the signature cocktails!

Have Your Wedding Day Itinerary Printed on Custom Wedding Cocktail Napkins

Reception Schedule on Wedding Napkins

Keep your guests on the time by printing your reception schedule on your full color cocktail napkins. They’ll appreciate the easy access to the schedule as they sip their cocktails and wait for your arrival at the reception! Bonus: everyone will have a reminder in hand about the send-off time!

print your delicious signature cocktail recipe on your wedding cocktail napkins with For Your Party

Signature Cocktail Recipe on Wedding Napkins

If you are featuring a special signature cocktail at your wedding reception, why not have the recipe printed on your cocktail napkins?! Not only will it be a memorable way to emphasize how unique the drink offerings are at your wedding, but your guests will also love tucking the recipe cocktail napkins in their pockets and purses as a memento. They’ll be cheers-ing to your union by mixing your signature cocktails at home for years to come! Love it!

Create a Fun and Useful Wedding Cocktail Napkin Design: Fun Facts!

Fun Facts on Wedding Napkins

Of course, a modern classic creative cocktail napkin is the fun fact napkin. Couples curate several fun facts about their love story and order fun fact cocktail napkins for a dynamic and engaging wedding napkin option. It’s a great conversation starter between family and friends who have not yet met, and you’ll love the way you can layer coordinating colors by ordering your fun fact napkins in a array of colors.

Let Your Wedding Napkins Pull Double Duty When You Print Your Reception Menu on Them!

Reception Dinner Menu on Wedding Napkins

You’ve put a lot of thought into the menu for the big day, so why not feature your menu on a beautifully designed wedding napkin? Not only is it a unique way skip printing actual menus (#streamlining for the win!), it’s a great way to make sure your guests know what deliciousness is coming their way as they sip their drinks during cocktail hour! No need to wait to be seated to get to peek at the tasty eats at your reception!

Design Vibrant Full Color Cocktail Napkins for Your Wedding Day

Full Color Photo on Wedding Napkins

Another fun and creative option for your personalized wedding napkins is to feature a full color photo! What better way to celebrate your union with your beloved than by layering your reception with gorgeous photos of the two of you?! Order smaller sets of a selection of photos for a love-filled, collage effect. 

Put your creativity to work as you make wedding napkins that are perfect for your big day! It may just become one of your favorite parts of wedding planning!