Combination Bachelor + Bachelorette Party Tips

7 Jun

Sometimes traditional bachelorette party planning doesn’t resonate with modern brides, and that is totally okay! Do you and your spouse-to-be share a lot of friends in common? Maybe the thought of a traditional bachelor or bachelorette party leaves you wanting something…. else? You’re in good company! In recent years, we’ve seen lots of soon-to-be-married couples choosing to forgo the traditional separation of the genders approach and opting for a co-ed bach/bachelorette bash. A combination bachelor and bachelorette party is a fun getaway before the wedding, and we really like how it creates more of a celebration of your togetherness rather than a farewell party for your freedom.

custom designed combined bachelor and bachelorette party accessories

Pick a Fab Destination

Whether you rent a big beach house or a block of suites at that luxurious hotel downtown, make sure your accommodations are just right for your night or weekend away. The right setting will launch your party from great to unforgettable! Secure the perfect backdrop for your bachelor/bachelorette celebration — you won’t regret it!

gorgeous destination for bachelor/bachelorette weekend away

Stock the Supplies

Depending on what your combination bachelor and bachelorette party entails, make sure to gather all the supplies with plenty of time to spare. Supplies, in this case, could be anything from personalized plastic shot glasses to pool floats to grill tools. Make your list and check it twice! Order your themed napkins and other custom party accessories you will need to add to the party décor. It’s a good idea to do a quick mental scan of any food allergies or other considerations to make for your guests, too, just in case.

personalized napkins for combined bachelor and bachelorette party

Consider Resources Available to You

One way to save significant money is to make sure that you’re taking advantage of the resources available to you. Within your close network of family and friends, there may be a lake house or beach condo available to you for a reduced rate, or maybe access to renting an elite club room. Planning a bachelor or bachelorette party around a money-saving location can give you the financial freedom to spring for items that may be out of the budget otherwise, like adorable custom designed koozies for a fab party favor.

Plan a Solid Schedule

When you have a big group of people to work with, it’s important to have an itinerary to keep everyone on the same page. Of course, it doesn’t have to be too rigid, but a schedule of events will help everyone relax and have a good time. When too much is left to be decided in the moment, more often than not, it can cause stress rather than relaxation. So go ahead and plan the meals and the main activities, just leave some blocks of time for the “no-plan plan,” too.

combined bachelor and bachelorette party sunset photo

Offer Separate "His & Hers" Gathering Options

If you’re enjoying a whole weekend away with both of your respective crowds, be sure to schedule some separate activities if that works best for your group. You could plan a his/hers option, where the guys go smoke cigars while the ladies have the lingerie party, or offer a few options, like yard game competitions, cooking classes or a group hike to let people enjoy smaller groups.

personalized coordinating "team bride and team groom" koozies

Give Clever Party Favors

This combination bachelor and bachelorette celebration is going to be so fab, it totally deserves an extra special party favor! Design custom koozies for your combined bachelor/ette party. Coordinating designs for “team groom” and “team bride” give your party guests a clever way to play girls vs. boys in a fun and lighthearted way. Classic matches are another fun party favor that are fun to collect and always useful.

personalized bachelor and bachelorette party classic matches

Feel Free to Delegate

Planning a bigger party definitely multiplies the work required, so doing hesitate to ask for some help! It’s totally ok to ask a certain couple, or a few friends, to collaborate on one of the main meals. Or, ask your resident nature expert to lead the hike, and your yogi bestie to offer a morning group yoga session. When the responsibilities are shared, it fosters cooperation and protects everyone from being too overworked to enjoy the party!



Lake House Photo by Sebastian Staines on Unsplash

Poolside Photo by Eric Nopanen on Unsplash

Sunset Dock Photo by Dawid Zawiła on Unsplash