Cinco De Mayo Party Planning Tips

18 Apr

Spring has sprung, the temps outside are getting warmer and warmer, and Cinco de Mayo is around the corner! Make sure your Cinco de Mayo party is muy bueno with some essential party planning.

"taco 'bout a party" custom cocktail napkin
  1. Review your history. Maybe you know the origins of Cinco de Mayo, but maaaany people don’t. So, no shame, but let’s get the facts straight. Cinco de Mayo celebrates a battle between indigenous Mexicans and the invading French, on (you guessed it) May 5th, 1862. Although they were dramatically outnumbered, the Mexican resistance fighters won the battle! Woohoo! It was a historic victory, but definitely not Mexican Independence Day (what average Cinco de Mayo celebrants in the USA seem to think), which happened about 50 years earlier.

  2. Design your personalized party accessories. Complete your Cinco de Mayo themed party decor with everything from custom designed styrofoam cups to personalized cocktail napkins to party essential custom designed shot glasses. You’ll want to feature your Cinco de Mayo party accessories in a big way. With clever design ideas like a cactus image with “this cocktail is spiked!” proclaimed on your personalized cocktail napkins to hilarious "Tacos, Tequila, Beer, Repeat" stadium cups, your guests will say “Si, por favor” to your fabulous party stye!

  3. Curate your menu. Let’s be honest, Cinco de Mayo parties are basically your opportunity to have the most delicious party feast of the year. Burritos, taquitos, quesadillas, tacos and alllll the sides! Don’t forget a salsa bar featuring an array of salsa styles, from traditional pico de gallo to fruity peach or pineapple varieties, and even a fire-breathing ultra hot sauce that only the brave will try! Plan to put some of your custom designed shot glasses by the salsa bar as the perfect tasting cups for each type of salsa.

  4. Perfect your party favors. Don’t forget to design a fun memento for your guests to take home after your fabulous Cinco de Mayo party! We like mini succulent party favors and custom designed koozies.

  5. Ice the drinks. Cinco de Mayo calls for lots of delicious drink options! From cold Coronas to classic margaritas in fiesta themed cups, you have no shortage of thirst quenching options to offer your guests. Give your abstaining guests some good options, too, with citrus infused water, Mexican cokes (they are truly tastier!), fruit tea and your favorite bubbly water (Topo Chico is highly recommended!).

  6. Let the fiesta begin! You’ve done the hard work and now it’s time to enjoy the fruit of your labor. Sit back, snag a burrito and your tasty drink of choice, and enjoy!

salsa bar at Cinco de Mayo party
"Let's Fiesta!" custom cocktail napkin


History Facts via The History Channel