DIY Succulent Place Cards and Party Favors

26 Apr

Step up your hosting this summer and put together mini succulents pots to use as place cards or escort cards, as well as party favors for your guests! These adorable plants make sweet, eco-friendly favors at parties of any variety or even creative wedding place cards! Just follow a few easy steps to make your own.

How to make succulent pots for place cards and party favors:

What you need:
 - Mini terra cotta pots (you can find these at most dollar stores)
 - Succulent plants and cactus planting soil from your local gardening center
 - Ribbon and personalized gift tags
 - Foil stamped stir sticks
 - Metallic permanent marker (we suggest gold!)
 - Hot glue gun

What you do:
 1. Letter each pot with a guest's name
 2. Pot your succulents
 3. Top each pot with a custom drink stirrer turned favor accessory for a personalized touch from your wedding or event theme
 4. Write the table numbers on each custom printed tag and string with your ribbon
 5. Refer to your seating chart and carefully hot glue each table number tag to the correlating pot
6. Place on a table near the entry of your event so that guests can easily find their succulent and their seat!

*** If you'd like to use each plant as a place card and not as an escort card (i.e., skip the table numbers and have each plant at a seat when guests arrive), simply skip steps 4–6, and just place the mini succulents directly on your reception tables.

diy mini succulent pot as a place card