Bloody Zombie Rum Halloween Cocktail

13 Oct

Happy Friday the 13th! How superstitiously exciting is it that this spooky day falls in the month of October?? We’re definitely gearing up for Halloween here at ForYourParty. If you’re planning a Halloween bash this year, try adding a themed drink or two! We’ll get your menu started with this delicious Bloody Zombie Rum.

Be sure to order your personalized party accessories today so that they arrive in time for your Halloween festivities! After all, you can’t do the Monster Mash without a cocktail napkin to hold your glass. And since costumes are the theme, why not dress up drinks with a fabulous custom stir stick to really make the bar spooktacular.


Bloody Zombie Rum 
yields 6


1 cup rum
4 chilled natural blackberry sodas, 12 oz ea
1 cup chilled blood orange juice
¼ cup fresh lime juice
1 cup fresh blackberries
1 blood orange thinly sliced
Fresh mint for garnish


Fill a large pitcher with ice and combine your rum, soda and juices. Stir gently. Get out your glasses and fill about halfway with ice. Add your Zombie Rum and top off each glass with blackberries and an orange slice. Dress up in your best costume, cheers and enjoy!

halloween cocktail