Blackberry Lime Vodka Fizz

9 Mar
vodka cocktail with lacroix

Maybe we can encourage summer to get here faster by mixing together fabulous cocktails that simply deserve to be enjoyed poolside. This vodka and La Croix cocktail is so fresh and tasty, it's simply to die for. Whether you (to our great envy) reside in sunnier climates or are joining us in pretending it's flip-flop weather this weekend, mix up a Blackberry Lime Vodka Fizz for an easy breazy cocktail.

Blackberry Lime Vodka Fizz

- serves 1 - 

2 oz vodka
LaCroix Curaté Muré Pepino 
Fresh blackberries
1 lime, half juiced and half thinly sliced

Optional! Before you slice or juice your lime, use a paring knife to shave off a twist of the peel for an extra pretty garnish. It is sure to impress!

Combine a handful of blackberries and your lime juice in the glass of choice. Taller is better, since we're adding bubbles! Muddle the blackberries. Then, add a generous heap of ice to your glass. Pour over your vodka; then, top off with LaCroix. Garnish with the lime slices and a couple blackberries. Stir gently with a custom stir stick. Mix up another for your drinking partner, cheers and enjoy!




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