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The Art of Foil Stamping

16 Jul 2020

At For Your Party, we specialize in the artisan process of foil stamping on many of our custom party accessories such as wedding invitations, napkins, matchboxes and coasters. Foil stamping is an elegant, upscale process that gives your personalized wedding and party accessories a refined look. As industry leaders in this unique and artistic process, we are happy to be able to offer our customers gorgeous, personalized foil stamped products for all of their special occasions. 

The History of Foil Stamping

Foil stamping has been used for decades in many other mediums, as well. That gorgeous, glittery edging on vintage book bindings? Foil Stamping! Gold monogramming on luxury luggage? Foil Stamping. What better process to use in creating eye-catching, vibrant personalized napkins, wedding invitations or custom matches

For Your Party is an industry leader for foil stamping

The Artisan Process of Foil Stamping

Foil stamping is a classic process that looks equally amazing on any color of napkin or paper. The foil stamping process does not use ink, which can have varied results depending on the texture and color of the item. Instead, the color of foil that you choose is the same, whether you opt for a dark, vibrant napkin or a more neutral, classic ivory. Therefore, with foil stamping, you have the creative freedom to create your custom wedding napkins to be ivory with gold foil stamping and to add a custom matchbook in black with gold stamping. The gold foil stamping will match across the products, even though one item is printed on ivory napkin paper and the other item is stamped on sturdy black cardstock, giving your personalized an upscale look.

Custom Wedding Invitations with Gorgeous Foil Stamping from For Your Party

For Your Party employs foil stampers with years of experience in their trade to ensure top-notch quality production of your custom designed wedding accessories. After a design is created and approved, a plate is made for each design, which is then etched out to create your unique design for the foil stamping process. This elegant effect uses heat and pressure, not wet ink, to imprint foil onto the item being foil stamped.

Black Personalized Napkins with Gold Foil Stamping from For Your Party

Foil Stamped Masks and More

For Your Party has recently extended our foil stamping efforts into a new product category by offering personalized face masks! Now, not only can your custom foil stamped napkins and personalized matches coordinate, but you can offer your guests foil stamped face coverings for your event. 2020 brides and grooms, and anyone else hosting a gathering during the pandemic, are appreciating the option of offering face masks to their event guests. Face mask are a hospitality essential these days, after all!

Whether you're looking to create custom cocktail napkins for your wedding, guest hand towels for your powder room, or personalized matches for your upcoming milestone birthday gathering, For Your Party has everything you need to curate beautifully foil stamped, personalized wedding or party accessories.

Foil Stamped Face Masks are a 2020 Essential Hospitality Item

In a world of quick results, choose a more in-depth, luxury process for your personalized products. The artisan process of foil stamping gives your personalized party accessories a look that is truly unmatched. So, trust the details of your special day to a proven process. Foil stamping delivers truly gorgeous results! Beware, though! You may find yourself thinking of more and more items to foil stamp to bring that beauty into your everyday life! 

Create Your Unique Wedding Napkins and Matches with For Your Party

P.S. Foil stamping is just the beginning of all the creative and artistic processes For Your Party has to offer. From full-color digital art to ink printing to screen printing, we are your industry-leading destination for all things personalized!

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For Your Party is an industry leader for foil stamping