'70s Groovy Inspired Bridal Shower

6 Mar

This spring, give that bridal shower you’re hosting a groovy ‘70s inspired vibe! Of all eras, the ‘70s are one of the most iconic and can definitely lend you some fab inspiration for a cheery bridal shower theme. With simple daisy-inspired floral designs and muted green, pink and bronze colors, your custom party accessories will be equal parts nostalgia and fresh and modern. Serve hot drinks in personalized 8 oz. paper coffee cups paired with adorable coordinating custom cocktail napkins. Cheers!

groovy bridal shower custom 8 oz. paper coffee cups

Check with your guest of honor to see if she’d like her guests to add a little ‘70s groove to what you wear to the bridal shower. Not a costume party, per se, but perhaps your guests would like to don some clogs or platform sandals, glam Jackie O inspired sunnies, or a brightly colored shift dress to give the gathering an extra authentic ‘70s feel!

custom designed groovy flower riviera matchboxes

As a featured part of your oh-so-fabulous ‘70s inspired bridal shower décor, find some scented candles that offer a modern take on that earthy musk scent that was so popular in the ‘70s, and light them with your custom riviera matchboxes designed to coordinate with your cups and napkins. Your guests will love the personalized touch that custom matchboxes add, and they’ll really appreciate taking a matchbox or two home as a party favor.

custom designed accessories for your groovy '70s inspired bridal shower

Start planning your groovy ‘70s bridal shower soirée today. Make your playlist of fabulously ‘70s inspired tunes, dig out your best ‘70s inspired outfit, and get ready to get groovy!

custom designed bridal shower accessories for '70s inspired theme