5 Barbie Birthday Party Ideas

10 Jul 2023

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Come on Barbie, let’s plan a birthday party! If you want your special day to be iconic, trendy, and of course, pink, this is for you. Today we’re bringing you five unique ideas to host the ultimate Barbie Birthday Party. Whether you are planning a special day for your little one or your inner child, this party theme is as timeless as Barbie herself.

barbie birthday party accessories

1. Eye-Catching Custom Invitations

What’s a party without your friends? Invite your loved ones in style with custom invitations. A personalized invite is the perfect way to set the tone for your Barbie birthday party. You can customize one of our designer-made templates, or use the FYP Customizer to create something completely your own. The customizer makes it easy to incorporate Barbiecore elements like a high-heel shoe graphic, pops of pink, and that iconic script font. After creating the perfectly aesthetic invite, you can drop in all the important details, like the location, date, and dress code details. Which brings us to….

barbie birthday party custom invitations

2. Barbie Fashion Show

When we picture Barbie, one of the first things that comes to mind are her incredible looks. Get your guests in on the fun with a Barbie-themed dress code. Of course you can encourage them to wear all pink, but let the people get as creative as they want! Some ideas are to dress up as one of the careers in the Barbieverse or as the most popular doll the year they were born. 

If you’re hosting a birthday party for your child, a Barbie fashion show where the kids can strut down a pink runway in their favorite outfits will be a memorable touch. Take the extra step by providing feather boas, glittery skirts, and tiaras for everyone to dress up. Did somebody say photo op?

barbie birthday party ideas

3. Barbie Dreamhouse Decorations 

Transform your party venue into a Barbie Dreamhouse! Lean on the classic Barbie color scheme to bring the fantasy to life - pink, white, and a touch of black. You’ve come to the right place for all your barbiecore decor needs. At For Your Party, we specialize in personalized party supplies, and have everything to make your Barbie Birthday Party come to life. Our new collection specifically made for this theme includes everything from custom cocktail napkins to personalized cups. If you want to go the extra mile, which Barbie would always do, elevate your barware with custom straw tags!

barbie birthday party party accessories

4. Festive Food and Drinks

When in doubt, make it pink. Ordering Barbie cookies or making pink popcorn or frosé will all add to your theme and make it come to life! Our drink pouches can of course be filled with the drink of your choice, or loaded with snacks like popcorn or chips, and even filled with party favors. Which leads us to…

barbie birthday party snack ideas

5. Barbie-Themed Party Favors

Don’t let your guests leave without a piece of the Barbie world. Customize a cake box and send your guests home with a slice or a Barbie themed treat. Custom can coolers are also a great party favor to hand out, because your guests can reuse them and think of you every time that they do!

barbie birthday party party supplies

Throwing a Barbie Birthday Party is all about fun, glamor, and a celebration of the world of Barbie! With these ideas,  your party will not only be memorable but spark the joy that Barbies have given generations of people. Enjoy party planning and creating a magical day!

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5 Barbie Birthday Party Ideas
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