40th Birthday Party on a Boat!

24 Sep

Another year down the hatch. Dianna here from the FYP creative team—my big bro turned the big 4-0, and we had to celebrate with a splash! We didn’t buy a boat but cruising and boozing is just as fun, right!?

plastic beer cups for parties

We cruised with Fox River Tours on the River Tyme in De Pere, Wisconsin. We had a great tour guide, Alan, who kept us up to date on which football player owned which ginormous river house. He also knew other facts about the river and city—I was totally listening.

fox river boat tours
fox river boat tours

Oh, and there were drinks! This was a family cruise, so it made sense I was in need of a Painkiller…ba dum ching. JK, except not because this cocktail was delish. Here’s the recipe if you’re in need of a classic tiki cocktail:

The Painkiller

2 oz rum
4 oz pineapple juice
1 oz orange juice
1 oz cream of coconut
Garnish: grated nutmeg and pineapple wedge

The bar staff, captain and crew were all knowledgeable, helpful and so friendly! Have you ever served cocktails? Now do it on a boat! Great for developing boat legs and tray balancing skills.

personalized party cups

I’m pretty good at finding any reason to make something special for a celebration. It just makes that person feel nice and extra special. Plus, designing products with ForYourParty is a little addicting. I made 16 oz stadium cups with a cute little birthday boat pun. I chose clear cups, sometimes I like to see the cocktail, with a navy blue print color.
For the design, I combined a dotted frame graphic found in our clipart gallery and added text characters to get a little porthole look. The FYP Customizer has a lot of tools to help your design! You can space out characters, shear text, rotate and arch text lines. I really enjoy creating, so it was fun to spend a little time and really get the design I had in mind. I mean, I changed the design like 5 times before I was done. I kept finding new fonts and things to play with! One of the best things about our FYP Customizer is that you can see and edit a preview of your design in real-time. Perfect for people like me who enjoy playing around with the design before deciding on a look.

Custom stadium cups are a great party cup because they are durable, useful and adorable! I purposely kept the name off so that we could reuse these, they wash so well.

another year down the hatch party cups

Fun for all ages! “Hey Dad, is that water or gin?”



Boat images c/o Fox River Tours